Latin American Companies to Benefit from AI-driven Customer Insights, as Squirro Partners with Küdaw

March 25, 2020

Augmented intelligence solutions provider Squirro has announced a new partnership with Latin American technology firm Küdaw, that will see Latin American companies gain deeper and more valuable customer insights thanks to Squirro’s ability to extract insight from unstructured data.

Küdaw is regarded as one of the leading technology firms in Latin America, known for its capacity to drive businesses forward using advanced data analytics and business intelligence, combining Big Data and AI methodologies and tools. With offices in Colombia, Peru and Chile, Küdaw works with top tier companies to implement technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data.

For Ruben Farias Sasia, Küdaw Executive Director, leading Latin American organizations are ready for the deep insight that Squirro’s augmented intelligence solutions can provide: “Across Latin America there are different stages of maturity around the use of certain technologies, but one common theme is that businesses are increasingly looking to gain a deeper understanding from the data they hold. Squirro is arguably the world’s most effective platform at extracting actionable insight from unstructured data, with a track record of working with different customers in different industries across the world. We are hugely excited about adding Squirro to our list of technology partners and look forward to setting the agenda for the use of AI and augmented intelligence in Latin America.”

Squirro works with organizations such as Investec, Sony and ING, supplying its augmented intelligence applications that help achieve business goals such as risk management, customer insight and more. It adds structure to unstructured data, including premium financial data sources, call notes and breaking news articles, compiling and delivering that contextual actionable insight back to the user.

“Küdaw has a powerful track record working with organizations across Latin America and is an ideal partner for Squirro, as we look to extend our international footprint even further,” said Miguel Rodriguez, Chief Sales Officer, Squirro. “Latin America is ready for the advances in insight that our augmented intelligence solutions provide, and new clients can look forward to seeing deeper customer insight, enhanced risk management and improved efficiency and productivity across the business.”

The new partnership will see the two companies develop joint go-to-market strategies for targeting businesses in multiple sectors across Latin America, but especially in financial services. By the end of 2020, the plan is to have several joint customers, all benefitting from the companies’ mutual technology and expertise. “Squirro is a very cool, state of the art technology, with proven success especially in sectors such as investment banking and wealth management, both part of one of the major markets for Küdaw; financial services,” continued Ruben Farias Sasia. “Making smarter use of unstructured data is key to the future success of many Latin American organizations and working with Squirro will give us the chance to approach business users within those firms with a compelling proposition for utilizing unstructured data productively and effectively.”