Squirro and Bisnode partnership announcement

February 10, 2021

Squirro and Bisnode partner to provide enterprises with a 360-degree view of marketing, sales, and risk insight

Zurich – February 10, 2021 – Augmented intelligence solutions provider Squirro has partnered with Bisnode, a Dun & Bradstreet Company, combining Bisnode’s premium data with Squirro’s powerful Insights Engine to provide business users with much deeper insight into customers, markets, and risk.

Data and analytics firm, Bisnode, is best known for its risk and credit data, but also offers other business and market data that allows customers to support growth and profitability by making smart and informed decisions based on that data. By integrating this premium data into Squirro’s Insights Engine, customers will be delivered the most accurate, relevant, timely, and contextual information directly to them in real-time.

“We only look for partners that are innovative, scalable, and which provide additional client value to what we already offer – Squirro delivers on all accounts,” said Macario Juan, Manager Director Switzerland, Bisnode. “It has a strong track record in Financial Services, which is an important vertical market for us, and it’s a technology provider with which we can confidently embark on a long-term partnership.”

Squirro’s Insights Engine combines search technology with augmented intelligence to extract insight from an organization’s data, internal or external, and structured or unstructured. Most enterprise data is unstructured and holds far greater insight than structured data, and the Squirro Insights Engine adds structure to this data so business users can benefit from the insight contained within it, making more informed business decisions.

“Squirro delivers the most insight when it works with internal data, external data, and specialist premium data such as Bisnode,” said Miguel Rodriguez, Chief Revenue Officer, Squirro. “By partnering with Bisnode we can bring an additional level of insight to customers, focusing on risk, credit, marketing, sales, compliance, and more. Bisnode and Dun & Bradstreet both enjoy deserved reputations as organizations with truly insightful data, so our combined offering brings to market a powerful proposition indeed.”

The partnership is already delivering value to customers, with Squirro and Bisnode working together to enhance sales for Switzerland Global Enterprise (SGE). SGE was already using Bisnode data to generate contacts and prospects within its CRM and wanted to expand on this. By utilizing the additional insight provided by Squirro, SGE relationship managers are fully informed on customers, can identify the strongest opportunities, and know when to approach and what with.

Squirro and Bisnode are focused initially on FS organizations, Government, Pharma, and Logistics, although the partnership can provide insight and value to any organization, including B2C firms.

“Squirro is agile and flexible and brings insight directly to those that need it – the business users within an organization,” continued Macario Juan. “Our joint proposition is as suitable to B2C markets as it is to B2B, and it makes cross-selling of opportunities much easier. All enterprises want a global view of risk and insights and this is a partnership that delivers precisely that. It’s rich with potential and we look forward to a successful collaboration with Squirro.”

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