Squirro Included in Independent Research Firm’s Vendor Landscape Report on Cognitive Operations

September 15, 2017

Zurich – September 14, 2017 – Squirro, the advanced cognitive insights solutions provider, today announced that it has been included in Forrester Research, Inc.’s “Vendor Landscape: Cognitive Operations” report, published on August 25, 2017. Squirro believes that the report provides insights on machine learning and analytics and how, through these, IT operations can become cognitive operations, allowing infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals to use these systems directly to gain insights and data, usually reserved for data scientists.

The report notes that; “Cognitive operations provides many additional benefits for I&O: It helps I&O pros monitor and manage larger, more complex environments with less effort; allows DevOps teams to predict and prevent problems or react to and resolve them faster; and can predict the business impact of a problem resolved or prevented. These benefits are all essential as technology gets more complex and its performance becomes more critical to business success.”

Dorian Selz, CEO and Co-founder of Squirro, said; “Forrester’s latest report is very insightful about trends and developments with vendors in the area of cognitive operations. As enterprises look for more innovative ways to gain insights and manage their businesses in near to real-time, cognitive operations will become a standard approach to the way that businesses are run. In our view, Squirro is a recognized innovator in this space, and we look forward to helping our customers as we continue to expand our market presence and operations.”

More information about the Forrester report, “Vendor Landscape: Cognitive Operations” by Eveline Oehrlich, Mike Gualtieri & Milan Hanson, published on August 25, 2017 can be found here (access requires purchase or subscription).