Squirro partners with CDO Partners to bring AI-driven insights’ predictive power to new sectors including health and fundraising

April 10, 2018

Zurich,London, 10 April 2018 – Augmented Intelligence firm Squirro has announced a new partnership with one of the UK’s most innovative data consultancies, CDO Partners. The two will collaborate to help organisations in sectors including regulatory bodies, health, higher education and fundraising better utilise their unstructured data.

By working with AI-driven context intelligence and insights solution provider Squirro, CDO Partners will help clients extract insight from their unstructured data sources, such as call notes, emails, social content, and web copy. This is where the richest data insight is located, but many organisations are unable to even identify that data properly, let alone extract value from it.

Patrice Neff, Squirro

“CDO Partners has a fascinating take on how best to use data,” explained Patrice Neff, Chief Customer Officer, Squirro. “It understands that extracting insight held within unstructured data will provide a performance advantage and sustainable leverage to organisations. Squirro’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform is able to unlock that insight and we look forward to exploring opportunities in new sectors with CDO Partners.”

CDO Partners works with organisations to ensure they get the maximum value from their data by putting it at the very heart of their operations. It has an established strategy that looks to help firms make data work for them in three ways – improved efficiencies, greater effectiveness and transformation of operations.

“Squirro is an end to end insights platform and is one that can really allow us to drive value with our clients,” added Morgan McCarthy, CEO, CDO Partners. “Insight from unstructured data can be applied to a variety of sectors, and we will be explicitly targeting regulatory bodies, healthcare, charities and higher education as part of the partnership with Squirro.”

The team at CDO Partners – which contains three Squirro certified consultants – has already built a Squirro-based application that identifies issues in provision of healthcare services and recommends where regulators can investigate and change policy, with a number of regulatory bodies having already shown interest in this.

In 2017 Squirro launched its advanced Augmented Intelligence platform, that places Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and Machine Learning (ML) at the heart of the enterprise. This powerful technology is helping organisations all over the world get value from the data they hold, unlocking the insight contained within unstructured and structured data to provide users with unparalleled insight.

“Our customers in FS, telco and manufacturing have reported 3% revenue increases and 15% increases in customer satisfaction, and with Squirro working alongside CDO Partners organisations in other sectors can now benefit from similar value,” concluded Patrice Neff