Squirro Partners with the Semantic Web Company Creating the First Comprehensive Composite AI Offering

November 21, 2022

Joint proposition combines NLP and ML with knowledge graphs to intelligently augment enterprise decision-making and get greater value from data.

Zürich, November 22nd, 2022. Squirro, the Augmented Intelligence solutions provider, has announced a strategic global partnership with knowledge graph provider the Semantic Web Company, creating a ground-breaking new Composite AI proposition.

The new Composite AI solution is the only one delivering Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and knowledge graph technology to enterprises today. It marries content from any source with a user’s intent and context to intelligently augment decision-making. It provides personalized results tailored to a specific individual, delivered precisely when that user requires it.

“Combining Squirro’s Insight Engine with the Semantic Web Company’s knowledge graph technology is a game changer,” said Dr. Dorian Selz, CEO, Squirro. “Staid, static, unused information is turned into a decisive input factor for better and more intelligent business decision making.”

ML creates and identifies signals but cannot take into account the representation of knowledge and reasoning behind it. The full picture – expanded queries and results - gives a greater understanding. The Semantic Web Company and Squirro partnership expands the scope and quality of AI applications by delivering that deeper understanding.

Squirro’s Insight Engine provides NLP and ML to classify the content on a sentence level according to the user’s intent. It provides a user-friendly interface and learns from the interaction what the user is looking for and the context of their search.

This is aligned with the Semantic Web Company’s knowledge graph technology - known as PoolParty - which connects people and intent with data. This enriches content with domain knowledge and serves as a context engine at scale. It contextualizes concepts from the content and links them to other meaningful concepts and contents to extend the search results.

“The Semantic Web Company is committed to making its PoolParty platform available to other highly motivated and ambitious companies,” said Andreas Blumauer, CEO and co-founder, the Semantic Web Company. “The partnership with Squirro represents a significant step forward and now makes it possible to offer first-class composite AI solutions.”

A Composite AI platform generates insights from any content and data by fusing different AI technologies, such as ML and semantic AI, with graph technologies. Typically, Composite AI provides faster and more accurate results, and a reduced time to value, a significant advance on what is achievable without Composite AI.

"Machine Learning is a powerful AI technology, but because it is purely statistical, it lacks the full context of a user's intent," continued Dr. Dorian Selz, CEO, Squirro. “Adding knowledge graphs, which are much more symbolic, means a user can explicitly model the domain knowledge in that field. Our joint proposition also means that users can work with pre-built industry-standard knowledge graphs, adapting them and developing their own models for their specific industry. Composite AI is a major advance in the evolution of AI, and our partnership with the Semantic Web Company puts us right at the front of that evolution."

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