Our Story

Squirro was founded in 2013 with a single vision: To get the right information at the right time in context of an employee’s workplace – in real-time, updating automatically. That is: ‘Information comes to You’.

We call the software category ‘Context Intelligence’. Gartner calls it ‘Search Based Data Discovery’ and has us as a leading vendor.

Keyword search as we all use it many times a day has one often overlooked key characteristic: You need to know what you look for prior searching.

When building local.ch, Switzerland’s largest website providing – well – local search, we were faced with this conundrum regularly. Average query length was roughly 1.35 words. This is not enough to properly spell Restaurant Zurich.

However, the end user still wants to get relevant results. Which put us ten years ago on the track to explore ways to make up for the too short user input, i.e. search query.

An example? Take ABB, a global automation and power technologies company. If you simply search for ABB you find everything from pages relating to ABB, to abb for abbreviation, abb_fabulous, a Twitter handle, to Abb Takk a Pakistani news channel, and more.

ABB needs to stay on top of what is happing not just for the length of a single search session but continuously. It’s insights that drive its business. 24/7. They need insights and the right information at the right time in context of their work.

That’s what we set out to solve.

Today we deliver on our vision with 3 bespoke solutions for Insights in Customers, Services and Risk.