Activate Your Market Data

Squirro for Refinitiv delivers real-time insights
for increased pipeline and
customer engagement

Activate Your Market Data

Want to achieve a strong ROI from your market data?
Check why the combination of Refinitiv + Squirro is your solution

Market data is one of the most important, but also most underutilized assets for financial services companies. Those who are able to extract insights from premium data are in the best position to detect deals earlier, originate stronger talking points and deliver an outstanding client experience.

With Squirro you will be able to boost deal origination from your Refinitiv (previously Thomson Reuters) data. In just one click, you can connect your market data with our insights engine, to get automated and real-time insights and recommendations.

Stop missing out on deal and engagement opportunities!

Companies Trusting Squirro


Squirro for Refinitiv


Squirro for Refinitiv

The challenges

  • Want to activate your market data?
  • Want to stay ahead of your competitors?
  • Looking for more talking points?
  • Need more engagement ideas?



  • Get real-time insights from your market data
  • Early detection of signals for deal origination
  • Automated extraction of insights from event transcripts and textual documents
  • Integration of Refinitiv data into your client advisor dashboard

The key outcomes

  • Increased ROI from your market data
  • Identify deals 6 months earlier
  • Value-added customer conversations
  • Proactive customer engagement