Augment Your CRM With Pitchbook Data and Automated Insights

Squirro Integrates Pitchbook Data into Your CRM and Delivers AI-Generated Key Insights to Boost Customer Engagement

Getting the right information, at the right time is paramount for private bankers, M&A advisors, and professionals working in VCs and PE firms. You are probably spending a good amount of your time and even struggling when finding valuable information to build buyer lists, monitor ventures, source new deals, improve fundraising, and much more.

With Squirro, you can get rid of these time-consuming tasks. We help you increase your effectiveness in business development and relationship management.

Squirro is the easiest way to integrate Pitchbook market data into your CRM, whether it's Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or any other. We augment your CRM with automatic, AI-generated insights and recommendations. Speed up meeting preparation, find the right LPs, get valuable insights on limited partners, boost customer engagement, and stay ahead of the competition with early-deals identification.

Augment your CRM with Pitchbook data to improve business development and efficiency. Do more with less.

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Check Squirro’s Pitchbook and other connectors to bring your data together, integrate market data into your CRM, search through it with our AI-powered cognitive search, and gain insights with Squirro's analytical capabilities.

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