How Does Technology Impact Important Cooperative Behaviors like Governance, Political Polarization, Economic Inequality, and Social Mobility?

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June 27, 2023

The Squirro Academy Podcast

Redefining AI

Hosted by Lauren Hawker Zafer

With Prof. Joanna J Bryson

In this podcast episode, Joanna, an expert in psychology and AI, delves into the fascinating integration of these fields and their impact on the future of technology and human experience. She discusses her perspective on AI, explaining the interplay between artificial entities and the real world. Joanna also explores the limitations of machine learning in developing moral agents and raises thought-provoking questions about the possibility and desirability of building such agents. Furthermore, she addresses the intricate relationship between technology and crucial cooperative behaviors such as governance, political polarization, economic inequality, and social mobility, highlighting both the potential benefits and challenges that arise from these transformations.

Professor Joanna J Bryson is an academic who is recognised for broad expertise on intelligence, its nature, and its consequences.

Holding two degrees each in psychology and AI (BA Chicago, MSc & Master of Philosophy from Edinburgh and a PhD from MIT), since 2020 she is the Professor of Ethics and Technology in the Centre for Digital Governance at Hertie School, in Berlin.

She advises governments, corporations, and other agencies globally, particularly on AI policy.

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