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Real Estate
Finance Solution

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Competition is brutal in corporate real estate, and professionals stand or fall by their ability to reach a client at the moment financing is needed. Yet managing massive volumes of data is an enormous challenge. Without artificial intelligence, the vast amounts of unstructured data in your CRM remains dark and underutilized. 

Squirro harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to put AI-Driven Insights at the fingertips of real-estate financiers. Whether conducting ad hoc analysis or intelligent search in an intuitive platform, or you are accessing predictive analytics and insights within your CRM, our Augmented Intelligence Applications are designed to be used by business users, not data scientists. Squirro’s insights engine enhances and assists your workforce by supplying insights and delivering efficiencies while freeing professionals to focus on closing deals and driving revenue.


Relevant KPIs to take into account:

sales growth
outperformance using behavioral insights
Source: McKinsey

of data
is unstructured
Source: Forbes

median savings from
improved data utilization
Source: Sybase

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Data-driven financial institutions​

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The insight gained from the Squirro’s solution is significantly deeper than can be achieved from structured data analysis.”

Source: Finance, firm size 50M – 250M.

The best feature is Squirro's ability to query unstructured data as well as structured data from multiple sources”

Source: Finance, firm size 3B – 10B.

Augmented Intelligence for Real Estate Finance

Squirro provides real estate finance professionals with the right insights and recommendations at the right moment in the context of their work – automatically.
Our Real Estate Finance Solution is the smart assistant for the financial services world. It combines the power of AI with the imagination, intuition and intelligence of humans and provides a natural user-interaction that doesn’t require expert skills.
With pre-configured connectors to the most relevant data sources and over 50 pre-trained ML & AI models related to corporate events, people, risks, financial information or financial markets, our Solution delivers value from day one.
Don’t lose out on any deal and let Squirro uncover triggers ahead of your competition. Unlock the power of your data today.


Real Estate Finance Solution


Stay Ahead of the Competition

With millions of building projects around the world that need financing, keeping track of them all is a challenge. Traditionally in real estate this has been done reactively – a broker calls to ask if a property could be financed – but what if real estate professionals could instead be proactive? Squirro for Real Estate Finance makes this happen, using the power of AI to analyse data and allowing users to approach brokers. The need to be first is huge in real estate, and being so means users can actively improve their fee generating work by securing deals they otherwise would have missed.


Manage Vast Amounts of Data

Having the right information is of paramount importance in real estate, but with social media, news, multiple CRM systems, call notes, email conversations, transaction data and other sources of data, it is hard to remain ahead of the curve. Squirro for Corporate Financial Services searches across all of this and boils the information down into exactly what the users need to look at.


Actionable recommendations leading to improved conversion rates

What really sets Squirro for Real Estate Finance apart is the ability to provide actionable recommendations to business  users. In addition to identifying opportunities it uses AI to advise on the best course of action to take, to ensure that opportunity is maximised, improving conversion rates and making a significant impact on the real estate bottom line.


Impact in Real Estate Finance


  • Deal origination
  • Counter party recommendations
  • Relationship map
  • Pitch Insights
  • 360° client cockpit


  • Improve profitability and efficiency
  • Increase revenue and uncover hidden deals
  • Strengthen client relationships
  • Get quicker client and market insights
  • Reduce time to analyze data


  • 6-month early notice on potential deals
  • > 50 deals uncovered in first 30 days
  • > 95% accuracy of models
  • Improved ROI on premium data
  • Increased adoption rate of CRM system

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