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Being ahead of the market is perhaps the critical factor in real estate. Competition is fierce and being first to approach a client is vital, yet managing such massive volumes of unstructured data is an enormous challenge.

Squirro for Corporate Financial Services can play a major role for those in real estate – here are just some of the ways in which it can help:

1. Managing vast amounts of data

Having the right information is of paramount importance in real estate, but with social media, news, multiple CRM systems, call notes, email conversations, transaction data and other sources of data, it is hard to remain ahead of the curve. Squirro for Corporate Financial Services searches across all of this and boils the information down into exactly what the users need to look at.

2. Staying ahead of the competition

With millions of building projects around the world that need financing, keeping track of them all is a challenge. Traditionally in real estate this has been done reactively – a broker calls to ask if a property could be financed – but what if real estate professionals could instead be proactive? Squirro for Corporate Financial Services makes this happen, using the power of AI to analyse data and allowing users to approach brokers. The need to be first is huge in real estate, and being so means users can actively improve their fee generating work by securing deals they otherwise would have missed.

3. Actionable recommendations leading to improved conversion rates

What really sets Squirro for Corporate Financial Services apart is its ability to provide actionable recommendations to its users. In addition to identifying opportunities it uses AI to advise on the best course of action to take to ensure that opportunity is maximised, improving conversion rates and making a significant impact on the real estate bottom line.


Fragmented internal and external data sources

Relevant subject matter is vast and unstructured

Fierce competition over winning new deals and projects

Missed opportunities in developed and developing areas


Get alerts pushed right to you for events like upcoming sales, building redevelopment, and changes in tenancy

Simultaneously discover important events across multiple internal and external data sources

Squirro’s AI-Driven Recommentation Engine identifies key data points and provides time senstitive alerts to initiate transactions

Develop a true centralized 360 view to get the full picture of every client


Leverage under-utilized data to uncover new opportunites for transactions

Speed up the process of going from an opportunity to a completed transaction

Improve conversion rates with a greater first-mover advantage

Streamline finding key intel to stay ahead of the competition

Drive more informed conversations with prospects by leveraging key points from data

Increase business opportunities and drive more revenue


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