Augmented Intelligence: the eyes and
ears of the food supply chain


>Augmented Intelligence: the eyes and
ears of the food supply chain

Guarding the food supply chain in an unsafe world

Food safety threats can emerge from countless sources, and extensive globalization means today’s outbreaks are more severe and spread faster than ever before.

Product recalls, food fraud and public safety incidents are costly and damaging to revenues and reputations along the entire food supply chain, from food producers to the restaurants that serve the public. Typically, the detection of these risks depends on food professionals manually monitoring numerous disparate sources of information. is the essential global food safety portal. Using Augmented Intelligence, it combs thousands of data sources - from social media and manufacturers’ product recalls to government websites - to deliver real-time updates on the food safety alerts that threaten your business.


Combining industry and technical know-how helps users stay aware of trends and risks before they can impact their business.

This solution is the result of a joint effort between industry and IT experts. Bühler, a Swiss multinational plant equipment manufacturer, developed a trusted and comprehensive source of food safety news, designed to lower the risk of food safety incidents along the food and feed value chains.

By utilizing Squirro's Insights Engine, this powerful solution harnesses AI and machine learning to scan the latest product recall news, alerts and warnings from national and international food authorities, web pages and social media news.



An early-warning system for the global food industry trawls the world for breaking food safety news and presents it for food professionals to act upon.


Safeguard your customers and your business

Our real-time information can be filtered by location and the nature of the risk, including biological, chemical and physical hazards and food fraud events.


A bespoke food-risk dashboard delivers essential information in a user-friendly dashboard, giving food professionals an indispensable window into their supply chain.


Impact for food safety


  • Monitors thousands of data sources relating to food safety and risk
  • Analysis of any news, event or incident that could affect food safety
  • Customizable, easy-to-understand dashboard collating food risk incidents
  • Real-time notifications when such incidents occur


  • Provides a deep understanding of food safety all along the value chain
  • Quantifies and lowers the risk of food safety incidents
  • Enables informed decisions relating to food safety, manufacturing and supply
  • Can help prevent product recalls and reputational damage
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