Empower Your Sales Team With Actionable Insights

Sales Insights

Turn Your CRM into a True 360° Client Cockpit. Learn How With This Demo!

Squirro Sales Insights transforms your CRM into a system of insights, empowering your sales teams to improve lead generation, reduce customer churn and consolidate client data.

The Sales Insights app aggregates internal and external unstructured data, including call notes, news, research, emails, and equips your sales team with actionable insights for proactive and valuable conversations with their clients.

World-leading companies, such as Standard Chartered Bank, are already benefiting from the value provided by Sales Insights.

The Insights solution is a good example of how we are leveraging technology (...) to enable our frontline teams to have better conversations”

Bireshwar Dasgupta
Global Head, Data Solutions, DCDA
Standard Chartered Bank

Watch this demo to see how Squirro Sales Insights augments your CRM for a deep understanding of clients, customer churn prediction, and a faster reaction to client and market events.

Squirro Achievements Icon

  • 15% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 3% positive revenue impact
  • 5% increase in cross-sell value

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  • 360-degree client view
  • Client sentiment analysis and engagement maps
  • Consolidate all client documents in one place

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