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European Telco Dials into Data for Maximum Service Efficiency

How a Leading European Telco used Squirro Service Insights to cut their Mean-Time-To-Resolution by over 30%

This global telecommunications provider with headquarters in Europe, delivers a range of fixed network, mobile, internet and TV services. Like all telcos, rising service costs could pose a direct threat to their profitability, and add increased financial pressure in a post ‘peak ARPU’ era. To reverse this trend, the company set Squirro the challenge of reducing their service costs to protect the bottom line.

To their advantage, the wealth of data in their service environment was an incredibly valuable resource that could be used to help swiftly resolve incidents and build more efficient internal processes.

Squirro knew that to meet (and exceed) the Telco’s objectives, they needed to reduce the Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR) on tickets and apply automation to the assignment of tickets, root cause analysis and resolution processes. First, Squirro gathered a good understanding of the information travelling around their systems. In this instance, orders, incidents and surveys were often processed in different systems and formats, making them difficult to analyze and contextualize to gain a 360-degree view on the customer journey.

To overcome these challenges, Squirro unified incidents, knowledge bases, case notes, emails, configuration management, log data, Facebook, twitter, web, and blogs. This dramatically lowered the time to insights by providing business critical information on all customer relevant topics. With this in place, telcos can improve products, processes, and take appropriate counter-measures to improve customer satisfaction – an essential factor in reducing the risk of customer churn.

Squirro automatically routes incidents and proposes resolutions to reduce considerably the first call resolution rate as well as the meantime-to-resolution rate. For this telco, the results were even better than anticipated:

“We cut Mean-Time-To-Resolution rates by over 30% and increased our productivity as a result.”
Head of process, standardization & improvements

The Service Insights solution is based on Squirro’s unique ability to orchestrate data and provide adaptive search from across various external data sources and internal systems such as the IT Service Management solutions.

Insights for ITSM Managers

Key Benefits

Create real-time service insights using all relevant information to assign and resolve incidents in the fastest possible time

Identify anomalies in real-time as indicators of possible threats to ITSM

Leverage existing resources like ITSM systems and interface for insights delivery (reducing multiple dashboard fatigue for the team)

Predict seasonal trends and align internal resources accordingly

Instil a proactive approach to ITSM incident resolution for financially rewarding efficiency and productivity