Squirro Customer Service Management Application

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Provide customers with the service that retains their loyalty.

Ensuring your customers’ success and satisfaction with your products and services is integral to the overall customer experience and ultimately, retaining their business.

Delivering a first-class customer experience is a priority for most modern organizations, but utilizing all the data available to them – structured and unstructured, internal and external – to improve service levels can be a significant challenge.

The Squirro Customer Service App makes it much easier to provide an improved service, accessing and managing all relevant data to deliver actionable insight to you on what your customers might want or need. It augments a user’s ability to provide customers with the very best possible service, in the shortest amount of time, when those customers engage with the user.

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Application Outcomes:


Provision of a Digital Support Assistant

  • The Squirro Customer Service App uses the power of Machine Learning to analyze incidents on the fly, providing recommendations on possible solutions, resolutions, and root causes.
  • These knowledge experts or knowledge articles all are offered as an integration within a user’s CSM Application, acting as a digital support assistant.
  • Reduce incident resolution time by up to 30% and improve first time right rates by up to 10%.


Broader Data Analysis for Deeper Incident Insight

  • The Squirro Customer Service App can analyze unstructured data both inside and outside an organization.
  • This delivers deeper and more significant insight from incidents and field service reports for a user’s service, R&D, product, sales, and marketing departments.
  • By leveraging all data in this way, an organization can optimize processes and products, engage with clients, and build new products.


360° Incident Cockpit

  • Not only will the Squirro Customer Service App analyze every last byte of relevant data, but it will also bring it all together in a holistic 360° incident cockpit.
  • It will combine data from ERP, CRM, Document Management Systems, and many more with a user’s service data for highly efficient client support.
  • Having this insight in one place allows users to improve client engagement and increase customer satisfaction when interacting with them on the phone.

Augmented Intelligence for Customer Service Management

Squirro ServiceNow App

Check out how the Squirro Customer Service Management application works


Augmented intelligence-based, machine learning to deliver on-going improvements to customer service

Collates and analyses data from a wide variety of sources, internal and external, structured and unstructured

360-degree view of each client and everything relating to their customer service


Up to 30% reduction in the mean time to resolution (MTTR), improve first time right rates by up to 10%

Deeper and more significant insight from incidents and field service reports

More productive and rewarding interactions with clients

Significant improvements to the overall customer experience

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Why Augmented Intelligence is the Right Kind of AI

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