Squirro for Banking & Finance

Using unstructured data to improve the bottom line in corporate Financial Services

Squirro for Banking & Finance is the AI-driven insights solution that will unlock the unstructured data found within every corporate FS organisation. It enables you to unearth hidden opportunities, manage key client relationships more effectively and ultimately, improve the bottom line.

In a post-financial crisis world, corporate financial services firms more than ever need to manage their clients better, delivering a smarter service and at the same time driving fee income from these clients.

Squirro’s expertise and experience in understanding the concerns of those in corporate financial services – we work with some of the world’s biggest and best-known FS organizations – has been channeled into the Squirro for Banking & Finance solution.

Designed for corporate financial services, the AI-based solution looks at structured and unstructured data to deliver to organizations a deep understanding of their clients, market conditions and potential opportunities. This allows a more pro-active approach to client management, while also recommending the best action to take when making that approach.

In This Interview

Terry Roche, Principal, Head of Business Development and FinTech Research of TABBGroup, speaks with Dorian Selz, CEO and Co-Founder of Squirro.

Dorian Selz explains machine learning and how artificial intelligence technologies are enabling firms to extract insight from growing volumes of unstructured data to identify market outcomes, as well as what is required to integrate alternative data sources.

Focus Areas

Investment Banking

Corporate and Institutional Banking

Real Estate Finance

Institutional Asset Management