Squirro for Pharmaceuticals

Improve efficiency; make real-time and informed decisions

Squirro for Pharmaceuticals

>Improve efficiency; make real-time and informed decisions

The insight engine you need to gather and analyze all your data and get valuable insights for decision making

Pharma is a challenging industry, with massive amounts of data being created every day from clinical trials, local and global regulations, product launches, and much more. Pharma professionals need to find a way to analyze all this information and extract the most relevant insight for real-time, informed, and accurate decision-making.

Squirro has developed specific solutions for Pharma companies, applying the benefits of a visionary insight engine to unlock and activate the value of data. Our insight engine gathers data from internal and external data sources, understands the user's intent, and provides actionable insights and recommendations in visual and user-friendly dashboards.


Our Focus Areas

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