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Fully leverage your
premium data investments

for Refinitiv

>Fully leverage your
premium data investments

Activate your Refinitiv data

Companies spend over 30 billion USD on data to gain key market insights, making data one of the most important but also most underused assets of companies. Every company gets access to the same data, which lacks context and therefore is not relevant or informative.

Squirro activates your Refinitiv data investment by delivering automatically the right insights and recommendations, at the right time, in context of your interests, and embedded in your core systems.


Implementing Generative AI for Enterprise

Implementing Generative AI for Enterprise: How to Tame the Stochastic Parrot, Squirro’s e-book that shows the solutions to implementing generative AI for enterprise, is now available!


Company snapshot easily integrated into your CRM system


Squirro for Refinitiv


Squirro for Refinitiv


Drive lead origination

Squirro automatically triggers from over 50-pre-trained AI and ML Models related to corporate events, people, risks, financial information or financial markets within your Refinitiv earning call transcripts. Receive automatic recommendations in context of your interests on who to contact and with the relevant talking points ahead of your competition by up to 6 months.


Company snapshot

Refinitiv and Squirro’s jointly developed Company Snapshot enhances automatically your 360° client view by providing Refinitiv company data directly in context of your accounts. Embed the Company Snapshot within your CRM system or core banking system for additional context and increased usability.


Expand with other data Feeds

Besides leveraging Refinitiv’s event transcripts for lead origination or the company data for the Company Snapshot, Squirro allows clients to leverage also additional Refinitiv data feed to enhance their 360° client cockpit with additional insights.

Squirro’s artificial intelligence technology and Refinitiv’s data combine to form a powerful gateway to customer intelligence, which leads to higher productivity, improved client interactions and increased revenue.

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