Squirro for Refinitiv

Combining Artificial
Intelligence and Data to Unlock
Customer Intelligence

Digital technology is of growing importance for global banks of all sizes seeking to increase productivity and keep up with innovation.

The partnership between Refinitiv and Squirro leverages the power of today’s CRM platforms to deliver financial services firms with a complete, current overview of each client, making it easier to boost engagement, close deals, and improve strategic planning.

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Easily integrates into your CRM system

Squirro’s artificial intelligence technology and Refinitiv’s data combine
to form a powerful gateway to customer intelligence, which leads to higher productivity, improved client interactions and increased revenue.

Increasing productivity by providing one view of the customer: co-mingle internal and external content

Using AI-driven tools and predictive analytics to facilitate deal idea generation and cross-selling

Providing resonating talking points as the basis for each client interaction, allowing a proactive approach to customer engagement

Overview of the joint offering


Company Snapshot

Company overview based on market data for easy integration into your CRM account view.

• View company data from Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters) using Squirro dashboard in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.


Pre-packaged Apps

Industry-specific functionality with selected Refinitiv content plus customer internal data.

• Pre-built, configurable Investment Banking apps to drive deal origination based on AI-driven recommendations.


Bespoke Cognitive Apps

Tailored solution utilizing Refinitiv data, specialist sources, internal data, and Squirro’s AI technology.

• Fully customized dashboards embedded in any CRM system
• Unify internal and external data across multi-org environments, CRM platforms, and other enterprise systems.

Squirro Augmented Intelligence Platform:
On-Premise/Cloud – Multi-Instance – Security – Administration

Find out how you can benefit from the combined offering


Single view of the customer

Deal sourcing

AI-driven recommendations

Investor recommendations for ECM 


Increase productivity and save time

Improve client interactions

Help idea generation

Discover and act on new insights


Squirro and Thomson Reuters (Refinitiv) - Interview

Partnership Video

Squirro and Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters)

Unlocking More Insights for Stronger Customer Relationships

Partnership Release

Thomson Reuters partners with Squirro to combine artificial intelligence technology and data to unlock customer intelligence