Transforming Businesses with Insights

Why CEO’s should take the lead on digital intelligence

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Webinar: Transforming Businesses with Insights

Why CEOs Should Take the Lead on Digital Intelligence

Dorian Selz, CEO of Squirro will be joined by guest speaker, James McCormick, Principal Analyst, Forrester to uncover some of the biggest challenges and opportunities for insights-driven businesses. Find out which businesses are set up to win big, and who risks losing the lot to their more digitally savvy competitors.




A must-attend webinar for CEOs and senior executives charged with taking the data reigns and driving new value, competitive advantage and cost-saving efficiencies this year.

Join our experts to find out how your data can help you achieve all this and more.

Join Our Experts

Dr. Dorian Selz

Dorian Selz

CEO and CoFounder of Squirro, Dorian is a serial entrepreneur and expert in search data and insights technologies. Squirro is the preferred insights solution to many of the world’s largest banks, telcos and other large enterprises.

James McCormick

As a Principal Analyst at Forrester, James serves customer insight professionals and is a global expert on digital intelligence, digital analytics, and CX optimization, as well as intelligence technology, organization, processes, and services.

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Webinar Details

  • Wednesday 29th March, 2017
  • 8am PST  /  11am EDT  /  4pm BST