Turn Meaningless Data Into Relevant Insights

Only 1% of available data is used. The remaining 99% is unstructured.

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Squirro delivers

A.I.-driven Actionable Recommendations

Squirro is a modern Cognitive Insights Engine

that uses Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and more to enable you to turn even unstructured data into actions.

You can use it to spot anomalies or trends, predict future incidents before they even happen, react early to trends and be the first to jump on new opportunities. Or you use it to find matches in big data, much faster than most other approaches, to personalize and optimize your customer relations with a perfect fit. Smart business is about connecting the dots. And with Squirro you are always automatically one step ahead!

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Go beyond just watching reports

If you ask us about “the next big thing” then we tell you: It’s making your big data and insights start to work for you. Take them to action.

“Digital Insights are the new currency of business”, according to Forrester Research. Let’s get this new currency moving and working for you. Bring it to action and turn static insights into actionable insights.

Because as much as probably you do – we like one thing more than data – and that is results. Just watching the data doesn’t get you anywhere. We help you go one step further and get into action.
Using Squirro, you go way beyond just watching reports and raw data. You will finally be able to drive decisions based on realtime information and interpretation. Getting the right insights at the right time, automatically.

You can’t have eyes and ears everywhere, but Squirro can. 

Customers expect communication and offers that are highly personalized and customized – they filter every interaction by personal relevance. On the other hand you can not personally customize every offer for each and everyone,

Relevance is difficult to fake. But it makes all the difference.

You can’t talk to each and every customer individually. You can not investigate each service ticket individually. But a smart and intelligent Insights Engine like Squirro can look at all your data, connect the dots and recommend the best, most impactful next actions for you.

Choose your Engine.

The Squirro Platform including the Action Map Dashboard come in a variety of pre-built configurations, each one optimized for a specific use and industry. The central configurations today are the Customer Insights for matching and recommendations, the Service Insights for trend detection and the Cognitive Search for the deeper integration into your data environment.

Customer Insights

Event-driven relationship management

Create a complete, centralized view of your customer based on all your data sources

Automate your digital research to spend more time engaging customers with relevant opportunities

Know who to call, when, about which opportunity, and what to recommend
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Service Insights

Insight-driven IT operations

Create data-driven insights to rapidly resolve ITSM issues

Predict trends and identify anomalies for capacity planning and efficient resource management

Reduce downtime and adopt a proactive, data-driven approach for your team
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Cognitive Search Graphic

Cognitive Search

Contextual search across data silos

 Run fast, context-driven search across all data sources & silos

 Create full client & line of business exposure views

 Detect interaction patterns and resolve misallocated lead
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Testimonials & Use Cases

Watch this video and learn how our customers are using Squirro in their business context

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