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Insights For Transformative Decisions

Drive Revenue Opportunities

With A Complete View of Your Customers

Impress them with relevance and timing. Make smart use of all customer information wherever it’s located to make the right offer at the right time, to the most interested customers.

Improve Customer Service

With a Rapid Response Every Time

Happy customers are loyal customers. Win them over with a streamlined customer service experience that resolves their issues in a fraction of the time and keeps your business memorable for all the right reasons.

Eliminate Unproductive Time

With Massively Efficient Search

10% of your employees’ valuable time is spent simply searching for the right information, at a cost of between $0.5-2M annually in productivity time. Protect your profits and remain competitve with a smarter solution to search.

A Single Solution That Benefits Everyone


Drive revenue opportunities by mapping product interest to customer accounts and analysing all relevant data from call notes, mails, documents and more


Define customer groups according to their needs to ensure more targeted and relevant marketing outreach and stronger engagement rates


Improve customer satisfaction and efficiently allocate your internal resources according to customer value


Leverage your existing IT resources and provide a self-service analytics layer to your business that even non-technical teams can use on a daily basis

How It Works

What People Say

“Today Squirro’s insights are an integral part of our customer service operation – we don’t just see the challenges we face; what’s more important is that we can make valuable business decisions based on those insights that will keep us competitive.”

Brian Millrine, Strategy Director at Brookson

Live Demo Webinar

Join us online to see Squirro Insights in action and put your questions to our experts.

You’ll learn how insights from your data can help you to get more value from your existing resources:

More Client Engagement to Drive Revenue Opportunities

More Customer Service Wins for Increased Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Repeat Business

More Operational Efficiency to Protect Your Profits and Guard Against Unnecessary Expenses

Tue, Jun 14th, 2016 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM BST

Thu, Jun 16th, 2016 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM BST

Trusted Technology

Squirro is used by companies all over the world to get more value from their data

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Your Business Transformation Starts Today

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