Squirro for Insurance

Provide Enhanced Customer Experience to Commercial Insurance, Reinsurance, and Commercial Underwriting Using Augmented Intelligence

Squirro for Insurance is an Augmented Intelligence based platform that revolutionizes the industry. Using the specialized apps tailored for their needs, commercial insurers, reinsurance firms, and commercial underwriters can extract actionable insight from the data they hold, whether structured or unstructured, internal or external.

There is more data in insurance than ever, yet few insurers are using this data to their best advantage. Using Artificial Intelligence to extract actionable insight provides an improvement in the customer experience and empowers agents to deliver that improved experience.

The Squirro Commercial Insurance Application unlocks the insight required to adopt a pro-active approach. Because it manages such a depth and breadth of data (internal and external, structured and unstructured), it allows a commercial insurer to know exactly what is going on with their clients and exactly what kind of opportunity would be most suited to those clients.

By using the automation of the Squirro Reinsurance Application, reinsurance firms can save thousands of man hours on processes that are heavily reliant on brokers for lead generation. Within minutes, reinsurers can analyze all of the incoming submissions and assessing whether to take on the risk or not.

The Squirro Commercial Underwriting application optimizes the underwriting process and achieves faster turnaround time by automatically analyzing incoming submissions and related data. As a result, underwriters can gain extensive insights on covered perils, estimated premium and profitability, underwriting effort and cross-sell opportunity.

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Insurance and the Power of Augmented Intelligence