Machines can make us better humans


>Machines can make us better humans

Let our Augmented Intelligence
enhance your business

Squirro is a business insight engine, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Most of us are familiar with AI as a technology that enables machines to think like people, understanding context and intent while processing information in huge quantities. It is all around us in our daily lives, silently guiding our smart devices and our online engagements and requiring little technical expertise on the part of the user.

But AI also has a transformative role to play in the future of business, from finance to manufacturing. This future isn’t a robot-run world, as many picture it. Humans need the vast computing power of A.I., but A.I. also needs humans to contribute their imagination, intuition and intelligence. The winning combination of the two is known as Augmented Intelligence.

Machines work better when guided by humans. Augmented Intelligence lets machines do what they do best, and, in the process, frees up people to do the same.

This balance of machine-driven insight and human wisdom is the way forward for enterprise. We already know that insight-driven businesses grow faster: 40% faster for private companies, on average, and 27% for public companies.

Squirro’s Augmented Intelligence Applications, all built with the challenges of specific industry sectors in mind, turn huge quantities of otherwise unused, siloed or third-party data into real-time insights, solutions and opportunities. Our 360-degree client cockpits serve up all this information in one place, the moment it is required, to create efficiencies and actionable business revelations that are far beyond the capabilities of even the most gifted professional working unaided.

Squirro’s Augmented Intelligence Applications have been designed to be used by business users, not data scientists, and they are as intuitive and unobtrusively intelligent as the many A.I.-driven devices in our personal lives.

Why you need it

Information delivered without context is of little use

Context drives the value of data. Enterprise data stored in multiple silos is hard to access and difficult to use. Squirro solves this problem with its Augmented Intelligence Solution, which delivers the right information, at the right time, in the right context to produce optimal output in your workplace.

Three key drivers guide the development of Squirro’s approach:


Search is not an independent activity - it is always carried out in a broader context. For example, if a client relationship manager needs to know what happened between her company and a customer, she implicitly states a context: the client relationship.

Squirro time icon

Time is one of the least considered factors in data usage and consumption, but it has huge relevance. Some searches, such as customer engagement checks or ticket status, are performed repeatedly, every hour or every day.


Based on signals gathered from any source, including open web, BI, CRM or social networks, Squirro delivers the insights you are most likely to find useful, allowing you to take advantage of an adaptive system that evolves with your needs. By using artificial intelligence to meet your business needs, you create an Augmented Intelligence environment.

The Squirro Difference

Customers love Squirro for its simplicity and scalability

Squirro users have access to do-it-yourself unstructured data analytics and can create shareable dashboards on the go, using the easy and intuitive user interface.

Squirro is built with Elasticsearch, the world’s leading open source search and analytics solution, allowing organizations to leverage their existing investments into the best open-source, full-text search engine.