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Connect the dots with your customers, prospects, and partners. Documents, customer feedback, contracts, knowledge articles, research, reports, and other critical data are typically stored in multiple separate silos. Finally, they are all accessible in one place – Salesforce.

Squirro Search for Salesforce is an Augmented Intelligence solution powering AI-Driven search capabilities across any type of data, coming from any data source. Furthermore, you will benefit from a truly contextual 360° view of each customer.

In a customer-centric world, knowing your customers is more important than ever. Most organizations have data and customer information stored in multiple places across the enterprise. Finding the right information is time-consuming, which is costly and negatively impacts customer service. What’s even more challenging is that the real insights are hidden away in emails, call notes, social posts, incident reports, and many other sources.

All of these are now accessible to your sales team directly within the CRM with Squirro Search for Salesforce!

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Watch the short video that demonstrates how Squirro Search for Salesforce augments your Salesforce environment to create a system of insights.

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Squirro Search for Salesforce on the AppExchange

With Squirro Search for Salesforce, you have the ability to search across all enterprise systems, such as customer support, billing, intranets or even news from the internet relating to that customer, allowing a true 360° view. Add Squirro Search for Salesforce to transform your CRM into a true system of Insight.

Squirro Search for Salesforce

Squirro Search for Salesforce is available for the Salesforce Sales, Service, and Community Cloud editions. It uses Augmented Intelligence to derive insights from your enterprise data.

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AI-Driven Search for all your data sets directly in Salesforce

Unified customer data across Multi-Org CRM environments

A unified Salesforce Search experience with Federated Search

A complete 360° perspective on each and every customer


Insights for more successful customer relationships

Reduced customer churn with a positive revenue impact

Identification of cross- and upsell opportunities

Reduce search time, increase customer focus

Year-on year reduction in search time of up to 90%

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