Squirro Search for Salesforce

Adding Semantic Search and Insights to Salesforce with Generative AI capabilities

Squirro Search for Salesforce

>Adding Semantic Search and Insights to Salesforce with Generative AI capabilities

Make Salesforce Your Generative AI-Enabled Insights System

Squirro is the Generative AI-Enabled Semantic Enterprise Search and Insights Cloud, automatically providing the right insights and recommendations at the right moment in the context of your work.

In a customer-centric world, knowing your own customers is more important than ever. Most organizations have data and customer information stored in multiple locations across the enterprise, with documents, customer feedback, contracts, articles, research, reports and other critical data typically held in numerous separate silos. Finding the right information is time-consuming, costly and negatively impacts your organization’s ability to leverage your organization’s data to its greatest potential.

These data sources, full of actionable insights hidden away in emails, call notes, social posts, incident reports and many other sources, are now accessible in one place: Salesforce. Squirro Search for Salesforce is an Augmented Intelligence solution powering AI-driven search capabilities across any type of data from any data source, providing a truly contextual 360° view of each customer.


Implementing Generative AI for Enterprise

Implementing Generative AI for Enterprise: How to Tame the Stochastic Parrot, Squirro’s e-book that shows the solutions to implementing generative AI for enterprise, is now available!


Relevant KPIs to Take Into Account

point to customer
experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions
Source: PWC

the average annual
financial cost of poor data quality
Source: Gartner

more likely to
acquire new customers
Source: McKinsey

Our Customers

Data-driven institutions leveraging Semantic Enterprise Search

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Searching using the combination of associated structure data (enabled by good 'suggest functionality') and free text search allows you to drill down quickly and effectively to your targeted data set.”

Source:Financial Services Firm, $50M - $250M.

We are able to provide our users with real-time insights which previously they have been pulling together manually.”

Source: Manufacturing Firm, $1B - $3B.

Generative AI integration for Salesforce


Augmented Intelligence for Salesforce

Augmented Intelligence for Salesforce

The Squirro Search for Salesforce solution helps you access previously dark, unstructured data hidden throughout your enterprise and puts it at the fingertips of employees exactly where they need it - in their Salesforce CRM.

This unprecedented access to enterprise data via the CRM is a powerful augmentation of your organization’s human capital, as they combine their capabilities with generative AI-enabled composite AI.


Squirro Search for Salesforce


Shed Light on Dark Data

Squirro Search for Salesforce gives you the ability to search across all enterprise systems - including customer support, billing, intranets, and even news from the internet - for information related to a given customer, allowing a true 360° view.


Generative AI Integration

Fully integrated generative AI capability similar to that of ChatGPT. With all required security, privacy, and Access Rights Control measures. Access the sources of the given answers in the dialogue for convenient fact-checking.


Easy Implementation

Squirro Search for Salesforce is available for the Salesforce Sales, Service and Community Cloud editions.


Impact on You and Your Customers


  • AI-Driven Search for all your data sets directly in Salesforce
  • Unified customer data across Multi-Org CRM environments
  • A unified Salesforce Search experience with Federated Search and generative AI functionality
  • A complete 360° perspective on each and every customer


  • Insights for more successful customer relationships
  • Reduced customer churn with a positive revenue impact
  • Identification of cross- and upsell opportunities
  • Decrease search time, increase customer focus
  • Easy user interface with a ChatGPT-like experience


  • +32% return on data
  • Double digit revenue growth
  • Greater customer loyalty and retention
  • Year-on year reduction in search time of up to 90%

Resources for Salesforce Insights

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