Squirro Search™ for Salesforce

Make Salesforce the System of Insights

Connect with your Customers, Partners and Employees in entirely new ways

Squirro Search™ for Salesforce is a contextual search tool that allows users to search their unstructured and structured data across multiple instances of Salesforce within an enterprise, providing a true 360-degree view of each customer.

Reduce customer churn, increase revenues with Squirro Search for Salesforce

In a customer-centric world, knowing your customers is more important than ever. Many organisations have multiple Salesforce instances, with data and customer information stored in multiple places across the enterprise. Finding the right information is time consuming and costly, and negatively impacts on customer service. What’s even more challenging is that the really insightful data is unstructured (e.g. emails, call notes, social posts, audio, video, web pages…) and is not managed by most CRM systems,
meaning vast amounts of customer insight is left untapped.

Add Cognitive Insights to transform your CRM into an intelligent System


  • Lack of awareness of what customers are doing
  • Unable to access unstructured data
  • Knowledge workers spending too much of their time searching for info
  • Data stored in multiple siloed CRM platforms and other enterprise systems


  • A complete 360-degree perspective on each and every customer
  • AI and Machine Learning-empowered CRM to access and unlock unstructured data
  • Cognitive-based search using intent and context to deliver better and faster search results
  • Unify customer data across Multi-Org environments, CRM platforms and other enterprise systems


  • Reduced customer churn, increased revenues
  • Deeper customer understanding, better service
  • Improved customer insight, additional upsell opportunities
  • Less time searching for information, more time spent with customers
  • Year-on year reduction in search time of up to 90%

With Squirro Search for Salesforce, you have the ability to search across all enterprise systems, such as customer support, billing, intranets or even news from the internet relating to that customer, allowing a true 360-degree view. Squirro’s contextual search technology will also provide related customer information with each query.

Squirro Search on the App Exchange

Squirro Search for Salesforce is available to Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud users and utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to access unstructured enterprise data and include sentiment analysis as it provides an understanding of an organization’s customers.

Squirro’s contextual search technology is the best way of finding the right customer data, and provides organisations with a year-on-year reduction in search time of up to 90%, freeing up huge volumes of time to be spent elsewhere.