Technical Partner Webinar – November

Smart Filters

Technical Partner Webinar – November

Join us for the monthly Technical Partner Webinar.

Smart Filters

This month we’ll be taking a close look at smart filters – how to build them, what you need to know about automatic or manual creation, and how to get the most out of smart filters for enrichments and search tagging.

Building Smart Filters

What’s so important about Smart Filters? This: Smart Filters analyse unstructured data. Building them means creating definitions from external data sources, or internal ones – we’ll show you how to do both.

Automatic v Manual

Smart filters can be created automatically using machine learning, and updated manually, adding further wisdom and polish. We’ll show you how.

Smart Filters in Context

Take the smart filters you’ve defined and put them to work in enriching your data. The concepts you’ve defined can be picked up in other documents and tagged accordingly making light work of tagging.


Delivery Team – Q&A

As usual, our delivery team will be on hand to answer all your questions – register to attend and put your queries forward!

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Technical Partner Webinar – November – Smart Filters

  • Region: Worldwide – English Language Webinar
  • Date: 9th November
  • Time: 4pm CET