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Today’s financial services providers are overwhelmed with information that is required for them to read through and apply to every business decision. While tools exist to process numeric data, bankers are left to their own devices to manage the ever-growing amounts of textual or unstructured data available to them. See for yourself just what is possible using the Augmented Banking App to automatically process news feeds, social media posts, internal documents, CRM note, and much more, providing you with AI-driven insights and recommendations.

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The Panama Papers

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) calls it the list of “Politicians, criminals and the rogue industry that hides their cash”. This demo allows you to search the entire corpus of 320’000 companies and their officers, jurisdictions where they are registered and explore the interconnections.

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TED talks – transcribed

Videos of TED talks are ideas worth spreading. This demo shows how you can transcribe any video into text and then drive analytics. Oh, and now you can full-text search any video and jump to the exact position in the video (something you can’t do on TED).

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Enron Emails

Before its collapse, Enron marketed electricity and natural gas, and provided financial and risk management services. Most of the top executives were tried for fraud after it was revealed that Enron’s earnings had been overstated.

As part of the trials the executives mailboxes were released to the public.

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We used the Bugzilla bug & tickets dataset from the Apache foundation to create a number dashboards. Applying our Concept Search we filtered out a few extra dimensions otherwise hidden in the data. See for yourself.

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