Panel Session: Visionary Women in AI

This panel session features two integral perspectives from visionary women, Helen Packard from the Bank of England and Annerie Vreugdenhil from ABN AMRO Bank N.V., who have been champions of change, innovation and digital transformation.

Tune un to discover how AI-driven industries are creating new opportunities for women to launch their careers and leverage digital transformation to harness their expertise and new skills. In this immersive discussion, more nuanced topics are uncovered such as gender and tech within an enterprise context, and how to challenge gender related challenges and set realistic expectations.

In this era of rapid technological innovation and the digitalization of the workforce, the opportunities for women to thrive and create their own success in the tech industry and beyond have never been greater. This dynamic landscape presents a unique chance for women to leverage their talents, expertise, and fresh perspectives to carve out remarkable careers and make a lasting impact. 

Would you like to delve into a specific case study sharing a success story with Helen Packard at the Bank of England? Access the full story here to learn how Artificial Intelligence and innovation can accelerate the growth in the financial industry and enterprise setting. 

About Panel Host: Lauren Hawker Zafer passionately explores the intersection of technology and education. She is the Chief Marketing Officer at Squirro, a Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Visionary for Insight Engines 2021, 2022 that focuses on Retrieval Augmented Generation and Generative AI solutions for global financial institutions and public sector organizations.

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