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Client Acquisition, Retention, & Portfolio Allocation Opportunities

Improve your business relationships, discover new opportunities, and grow your bottom line

In today’s business world of improved customer choice and increased competition, financial advisors are constantly looking for ways in which to increase their business and grow the bottom line.

Advisors must find new prospects, increase client retention, and identify suitable investments for their portfolios. Whether it’s to build personal capital or private wealth management, they must take portfolio management to the next level by utilizing all of the data they have at their disposal, both structured and unstructured.

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Application Outcomes:


AI-driven Lead Generation and Investment Opportunities Recommendation

  • Monitor high-net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) prospects and clients across all media channels and premium data feeds to identify relevant events that lead to an engagement.
  • Financial advisors are empowered with recommendations for suitable investments for their clients based on portfolio performance and many other triggers.
  • Leads and recommendations are presented in an intuitive dashboard integrated directly into core banking systems, providing a seamless experience for each user.


Client Prospecting, Acquisition, & Retention

  • In a business that requires strong trust between a financial advisor and their clients, Squirro provides all the information needed to stay fully informed about clients and deliver to them the best possible experience.
  • Referrals are one of the most important transactions for business growth in Wealth Management, and Squirro uses automated network graph processing to facilitate introductions to new prospects based on an existing client base.


360° Cockpits

  • Squirro provides a comprehensive 360° Client Cockpit with meeting preparation reports integrated into the core banking system in order to have a full view of each of client, as well as their financial goals, assets, portfolio performance, and talking points.
  • The Squirro 360° Client Cockpit provides financial advisors with deep and accurate insight into each client’s activity and presents that data in a way that’s easy to digest and understand.


Client Insight Cockpit

Recommended Next-Best-Actions

Meeting Preparation Report

Pitch Insights

Network Graphing

Churn Prevention

Management Cockpit


Increase Assets Under Management (AUM)

Improve customer engagement & upsell products

Strengthen client relationships with insights

Better connect with clients and prospects

Prevent churn and increase lifetime value

Save hundreds of hours on research

Reduce time dedicated to data analysis and meeting preparation

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White paper: 2020andTheNeedForCustomerCentricity

2020 and the Need for Customer Centricity

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