Cut your Mean-Time-
to-Resolution by up to 30%

Join us for a 30min webinar to transform your ITSM world



Your biggest goal in 2016 is to cut mean-time-to resolution. Every minute counts when it comes to solving ticket issues. But did you know your ITSM data already holds the information you need to speed up resolution times – you just need the insights to unlock them!

We’ll show you how Squirro’s service insights solution can help you to achieve faster responses, a more efficient team, increased customer satisfaction, improved profitability and even how to predict when your next major incident will hit.

Smart Service Insights Drive Optimal Business Results

Join our experts for a 30-minute webinar to set you up with all you need to know about cognitive computing and automation – the building blocks for getting the results you want.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Reduce the time to resolve major incidents
  • Uncover the real value of external data sources
  • Apply cognitive computing and process automation to your ITSM solution
  • Identify ITSM improvement opportunities

Synpulse & Squirro

Synpulse is a global management consulting firm focussing on financial services transformation. Their expertise is sought by some of the world’s leading banks for operational excellence, regulatory & compliance and digital transformation. Squirro is a Swiss Context Intelligence and Cognitive Insights company, specialising in customer, service and risk insights for banks, telcos and other large data-driven organisations globally.


Peter Frings, Squirro

Peter is the North American Sales Director at Squirro. He has focused on financial services for most of his career. Before joining Squirro Peter worked at EMC, BT and Aegis.

Mathias Hausherr, Synpulse

Mathias is the Associate Partner and Head of Banking for Synpulse USA Inc. He specializes in business transformation for wealth managers and banks and brings over a decade of project management experience.

Markus Warg, Squirro

Markus is a Senior Sales Engineer at Squirro. He advises customers in the financial services, telco and IT industries. Prior to Squirro he worked at NetApp and Parallels.

30 for 30!

How else can you spend 30 minutes to cut your resolution time by 30%? (and score a free Big Data Consulting Package!)

Cut your Mean-Time-to-Resolution by up to 30%

  • Date: 22 March 2016
  • Time: 2.30pm (US East Coast)
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