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Give your website visitors what they want

Website Search

Provide your website visitors quicker, more relevant search results

After all that time, effort, and money invested in getting your website visitors, don’t risk losing them because they couldn’t find exactly what they needed to continue along the sales journey you’ve developed for them.

You can quickly and easily deliver content that lives on your website, is stored elsewhere within your organization, or can be accessed from another domain to your website visitors. Reduce your bounce rate and improve conversion rates with Squirro Website Search.


Relevant KPIs to take into account:

of online consumers are
less likely to return to the site after a bad experience
Source: Econsultancy

average YOY growth of
data-driven companies; on track to earn $1.8T by 2021
Source: Forrester

or more data is
Source: CIO

Our Customers

Data-driven institutions leveraging Cognitive Search

The best feature is Squirro's ability to query unstructured data as well as structured data from multiple sources.”

Source: Financial Services Firm, 3B - 10B USD.

I especially appreciate the close collaboration with the Squirro team.”

Source: Manufacturing Firm, 1B - 3B USD.

Cognitive Search for your website

Squirro Website Search is a cognitive search solution that uses augmented intelligence to deliver contextual, relevant and timely results to users. When customers search on a website, they want results relevant to them, based on their intent and interests. This helps provide a positive experience, improving customer loyalty and positions the company as a premium service provider.

By incorporating additional data sources to your websites search results and utilizing Squirro’s advanced cognitive search capabilities, your website’s on-site search is able to instantly provide exactly what is being queried and ensures that your website visitors get what they need from you.


Squirro Website Search


Faster, more relevant and contextual search results

Customers searching for information on a company’s website want fast and accurate results – Squirro Website Search delivers this every time. Squirro Website Search searches across an organization’s unstructured and structured data, allowing it to deliver much more comprehensive and relevant results to customers. Because Squirro Website Search comes inbuilt with machine learning it will improve and deliver even better results on-going.


A greater customer experience

Squirro Website Search delivers results that are tailored to each user’s own interests and intent. The timely and relevant results it delivers, mean a significantly improved customer experience. This in turn improves customer loyalty to your organization, positioned as a premium service provider.


A search platform fit for modern customer needs

Squirro Website Search anticipates customers’ requirements and incorporates free text, context and relevance when delivering results. This provides customers with all the information they require, enabling them to make accurate and informed right decisions based on that information


Impact on You and Your Customers


  • Cognitive search that delivers results based on a customer’s interests and intent
  • Out-of-the-box machine learning to ensure results improve over time
  • AI-based search that works across data sources and types to deliver powerful results
  • Out-of-the box Google Search Appliance replacement


  • More accurate, contextual, relevant and timely search results delivered to your customers
  • Provision of a greater and more dynamic customer experience
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Transformation of your organization’s website search functionality


  • Better positioning with website visitors
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Shortened sales cycle
  • Extended customer lifecycle duration

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