Why Knowing Total Cost of Ownership Has Never Been More Important

Extreme circumstances in business and the wider world can be hugely impactful. Whether it’s a global recession, an unforeseen pandemic, a trade war, or political turbulence, any of these events can cause significant uncertainty.

During such times, businesses all over the world do all that they can to navigate their way through this crisis. An important part of this is ensuring the sales pipeline is kept full, continuing to deliver a first-class customer experience, staying on top of their IT service management, and continuing to market their products and services.

A key method to achieving these things is through investment in new and innovative technology, which is to some extent a risk. The c-suite wants to be assured that the investment they make in new tech is going to be returned, whether through increased efficiencies, improved operations, or by having a direct impact on the bottom line. The ability to deliver ROI is integral to the success of any new technology implementation and even more important than ROI is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Read this white paper to understand what should be included when calculating your TCO. Learn how Squirro approaches TCO, clearly showing the overall savings potential and making it easy for company boards to make decisions about new technology. This document also details a recent case study that shows how a Squirro TCO was used to prove a 30% reduction in IT service costs for a European Financial Services giant.

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