Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Webinar: Generative AI for Service Management

Generative AI for Service Management
Generative AI for Service Management
Generative AI for Service Management

Experience how Squirro’s Service Insights solutions leverage the latest advancements in generative AI to revolutionize service management:

  • Transform how your customers, partners, or employees interact with your self-service portals or extranets by introducing a revolutionary natural language chat feature based on the information available from your website/extranet and other connected sources (e.g., user manuals).
  • Empower your support staff with a generative AI assistant that instantly retrieves accurate answers from your customer support knowledge base. Improve response times, customer satisfaction, and productivity.
  • Automate incident and case classification, identify root causes and offer a unified 360° view across internal and external data systems with a proven and patent pending solution. Say goodbye to manual effort and hello to streamlined, automated operations.

Squirro CEO and Co-Founder Dr Dorian Selz and Senior Enterprise Account Executive US Conor Leddy share their expertise, insights, and business experience in leveraging generative AI for service management to reduce mean-time-to-resolution by over 30%.

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Squirro's Presenters
Squirro CEO and Co-founder Dorian Selz
Dorian Selz
Co-Founder & CEO
Conor Leddy
Senior Enterprise Account Executive, North America

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