Generative AI for Service Management

Experience how Squirro’s Service Insights solutions leverage the latest advancements in generative AI to revolutionize service management:

  • Transform how your customers, partners, or employees interact with your self-service portals or extranets by introducing a revolutionary natural language chat feature based on the information available from your website/extranet and other connected sources (e.g., user manuals).

  • Empower your support staff with a generative AI assistant that instantly retrieves accurate answers from your customer support knowledge base. Improve response times, customer satisfaction, and productivity.

  • Automate incident and case classification, identify root causes and offer a unified 360° view across internal and external data systems with a proven and patent pending solution. Say goodbye to manual effort and hello to streamlined, automated operations.

Squirro CEO and Co-Founder Dr Dorian Selz and Senior Enterprise Account Executive US Conor Leddy share their expertise, insights, and business experience in leveraging generative AI for service management to reduce mean-time-to-resolution by over 30%.

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