Watch the Keynote: Why Augmented Intelligence is a Game-Changer for Knowledge Management

"Every answer to a search question is not necessarily a document.” That’s the opening statement of the keynote “Why Augmented Intelligence is a game-changer for Knowledge Management” presented by Chris Marino, Principal Solution Consultant at Enterprise Knowledge, and Dr. Bernd Schopp, Chief Commercial Officer at Squirro, at the exclusive event “Knowledge Management Reborn.” We now share the recording of this keynote - just fill in the form to get access!

As outlined by Marino and Schopp, in a complex enterprise environment, where the information is spread across multiple data sources, systems, documents, and projects, it is vital to provide the users with the insight they need to make a decision. Such insight could be a key metric, a statement, or the correlation between different documents… Not a single document.

The key prerequisite to delivering these insights to the users is implementing a best-in-class knowledge management (KM) portal with a robust findability layer by leveraging technologies such as enterprise search engines and knowledge graphs are key to aggregate, label, classify, and connect all data. But the most advanced knowledge management systems will go even further, leveraging the benefits of Augmented Intelligence and composite AI.

“Thanks to the combination of techniques such as machine learning and natural language processing with knowledge graphs, we can deliver faster and more accurate results to the user while reducing the time-to-value once the project is implemented,” outlined Dr. Bernd Schopp during the presentation.

Watch this keynote to learn:

  • The main challenges in knowledge management.

  • The key technologies enabling the transformation of these challenges into business outcomes.

  • Best practices from a world-leading organization, leveraging Augmented Intelligence to deliver valuable and timely insights to their users.

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