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CRM-Insights Webinar Recording

CRM-Insights Webinar

Only 1% of a company’s data is actually used by its applications. One of the main reasons for this is the difficulty of finding and providing the relevant information from the masses of unstructured and structured data residing in most enterprises.

The biggest challenge for CRM managers is therefore the enhancement of their systems to provide information that is available, but was not previously usable. Only through the availability of all relevant information does CRM becomes truly compelling to the user.

Companies like Swiss Re, ING and Investec Asset Management already enrich their CRM Systems with Squirro for comprehensive customer management. Salesforce as a leading CRM provider has also recognized the importance, and invested in Squirro as part of our most recent funding round.

This webinar will show you:

  • What kind of data cannot be missing in your CRM.
  • How to save time by quickly and easily finding customer-relevant information on the basis of cognitive search
  • How to ensure that you get a consistent view of your customers regardless of the application you are using
  • How to provide the individual client with AI and with the right information and offers at the right time, with maximum relevance and value
  • How to identify customer problems before they escalate
  • How to organize information retrieval within your company so that all information relevant to customer management is also delivered to the central CRM

The webinar is particularly suitable for:

  • Anyone in charge of, or with overall responsibility for customer management and CRM
  • Marketing and sales representatives
  • IT employees with responsibility for customer management applications
  • People in charge for knowledge and information management within the enterprise



CEO and Co-Founder, Squirro
Tel   +41 44 586 98 98

Dr. Dorian Selz is co-founder and CEO of Squirro, the leading provider of cognitive data science solutions. Before that he founded the Swiss search platform and made it the market leader in four years. Previously he was a partner and COO at Namics, the largest e-business consultancy in Switzerland and Germany. He holds a PhD from the University of St. Gallen and a Master in Economics from the University of Geneva.


Senior Business Consultant, Squirro
Tel   +41 44 586 98 98

Miguel Rodriguez is a senior business consultant at Squirro and has been successfully supporting companies in the implementation of data science applications for many years. Based on his extensive experience, Miguel is regarded as one of the industry’s leading data science experts. He also works as a business mentor at the Swiss Startup Factory and advises young entrepreneurs on sales, business development and strategy. He holds a BSc in Business Administration from the European Business School.

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Post By Steven Grinberg July 24, 2020

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