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The Core Technology Behind Squirro’s Solutions

Unlock the potential of the Insight Engine to craft intelligent, tailored solutions using the ready-to-use building blocks.

Customers Trusting Squirro

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Combining Powerful AI Technologies to Do More with Your Data

An Insight Engine combines powerful AI technologies to understand and build on the data it processes. It uses machine learning, natural language processing, retrieval augmented generative AI, and knowledge graphs to extract the most relevant insights, patterns, and trends from large and diverse datasets. 

Combining these technologies enables the Insight Engine to identify hidden connections between data points and consolidate them into actionable insights. This allows you to make your decision-making processes smarter, faster, and more accurate. Squirro’s Insight Engine has been recognized as a Visionary in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Insight Engines for two consecutive years.


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Why People Love Squirro

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Gartner® Peer Insights

“Very powerful insight engine, yet easy to use.”

“Very skilled professionals with a strong customer-centric mindset, focusing on solutions, not problems.”


Industry: Media Industry
Company Size: 50M USD

Group 15046

Gartner® Peer Insights™


“Efficiently manages data to provide useful insights.”

“Squirro utilizes data to the fullest and transforms it into useful insights. The analytics it runs on the data and predictions it provides for the next best action is spot on. The documentation and training provided helped in onboarding this tool without any problem.”

Industry: IT Services
Company Size: 1B - 3B USD

What Squirro’s Insight Engine Offers


The Insight Engine unifies your data regardless of its origin and format, using Squirro’s collection of out-of-the-box and customizable data connectors.

Data Enrichment

Augment your data by identifying sentiments, predefined topics ("signals"), tags, and location details to unveil concealed data facets.


The intuitive user interface allows users to discover new insights naturally and effortlessly.


Build your own dashboards with a selection of out-of-the-box and customizable widgets.


Publish dashboards with just a few clicks to share on the web, mobile, or your internal systems.


Ready for stand-alone use or easily integrated into existing systems and workbenches, including intranet, CRM, Service Management Systems, ERP, and more.


Automated updates based on your freshest data, with notifications and alerts.


Enterprise-ready large language model (LLM) solutions for enterprise data and websites using retrieval augmented generation (RAG).

Results can be analyzed directly in Squirro or shared with other applications through Squirro’s APIs.

Squirro uses a wide array of data connectors to connect to various data sources and ingests content from those sources.

Our customers choose where to deploy the platform: on-premises, private cloud or public cloud.

Stand-alone and embedded dashboards are the main touchpoint where results are visualized and analyzed by the user.

Squirro offers multiple ways to evaluate and tune relevance.

Data is modelled and enriched up front, when it is running through the Pipeline.

Many personalization options are available, such as communities, favorite documents and queries, content suggestions, and more.