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Meet SquirroGPT

Your Data

SquirroGPT’s large language model (LLM) solution grants access to all relevant data sources and formats through a wide range of connectors. It easily integrates with your website and various workbenches, including intranet, CRM, ERP, and more.

Evidence-Based Answers

SquirroGPT guarantees every outcome is evidence-based and comes with a link back to the source, giving you the confidence to make decisions based on reliable data.

Enterprise-Grade Security

SquirroGPT follows your company's security and privacy standards while ensuring effective entitlement handling to keep your data safe and compliant.

Discover the Potential of SquirroGPT for Your Business

SquirroGPT Web enables your website visitors to have interactive conversations with your content. SquirroGPT automatically scrapes your website and allows you to include additional documents, such as user manuals. Empower your website’s users to access information like never before while providing you with valuable insights from their interactions.

Easily connect your data sources with a wide range of data connectors to use generative AI across your organization's data. SquirroGPT generates the answers you're looking for and highlights the supporting evidence within your source documents. With enterprise-level security in mind, Squirro's LLM solution always ensures the safety and security of your valuable data.

SquirroGPT Enterprise Search provides a comprehensive solution for generative AI chat and semantic enterprise search. By combining these, you can find relevant information from your data sources most effectively. Squirro supports you with a simple configuration of data connectors, enrichments, and user access controls.

Why People Love Squirro

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Gartner® Peer Insights™

“Overall, the implementation of the solutions was on time and within budget. Technical and customer success support is on a high level.”

Group 15046

Gartner® Peer Insights™


“The delivery and design of Squirro into our organization has been a real success. The challenge of getting Squirro into the existing infrastructure was smooth and with amazing support from colleagues at Squirro.”

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SquirroGPT for Your Enterprise AI Needs

What makes SquirroGPT the first choice for companies looking for enterprise-ready generative AI solutions? 

Specific Responses Based on Your Enterprise Data

Tailored answers from your enterprise data SquirroGPT empowers businesses to extract precise and up-to-date answers from their data sets.

Cost-Efficient Approach

While traditional LLMs can be resource-intensive and less efficient in searching for relevant and up-to-date information, Squirro's information retrieval (IR) stack delivers enhanced results in a cost-effective manner.

Unique Data Scope

SquirroGPT's many data connectors smoothly work with various data sources and make connecting data a breeze. The Enterprise Search version fits into your organization's existing workbenches, including intranet, CRM, and more.

LLM Flexibility

SquirroGPT supports any LLM solution of your choice. By default, SquirroGPT supports MS Azure OpenAI API, which runs on the Azure global infrastructure to meet critical enterprise security and compliance needs and ensures no data is sent to OpenAI.

Knowledge Graph Enabled

SquirroGPT offers a knowledge graph-enabled retrieval-augmented LLM solution. With SquirroGPT, data navigation becomes more interconnected, efficient, and semantically rich..

The Platform That Powers it All

SquirroGPT is made possible through Squirro’s Insights Cloud platform. The platform
contains all relevant building blocks for Squirro's use-case-specific and bespoke solutions:

Insight Engine

Squirro's Insight Engine combines AI technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and knowledge graphs to quickly and efficiently extract valuable insights from large and diverse datasets.

Semantic Enterprise Search

Squirro's enterprise search solution comprehends and interprets user queries, delivering precise and relevant results based on actual data. It continuously refines its accuracy and relevance through ongoing learning and adaptation.

Data Classification

Squirro’s AI Studio is a no-code machine learning (ML) platform for creating and deploying ML models without writing code. Squirro’s Model-as-a-Service offers an end-to-end solution for deploying and maintaining your ML models in a production environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my data be deleted, once the subscription is canceled?

Upon cancelation, your instance and data are kept for 30 days to allow you to resume your subscription again at any time. After 30 days, it will be permanently deleted.

How can I get assistance for SquirroGPT ?

As you're progressing with your SquirroGPT app, several methods of support are available to you:

What's the cost of the different SquirroGPT versions?
You can find the detailed features and pricing of SquirroGPT versions by reaching us through our Contact page.
How is my data secured?

Squirro is ISO 27001-certified and GDPR-compliant. Squirro guarantees security best practices in handling customer data transfer and storage from client systems to Squirro Cloud. A third party audits these best practices regularly with penetration testing. To learn more about SquirroGPT’s data security and privacy, read the brief. By default, SquirroGPT supports MS Azure OpenAI API, which runs on the Azure global infrastructure to meet critical enterprise security and compliance needs and ensures no data is sent to OpenAI.

Do Squirro's employees have access to my data?

As an ISO 27001-certified company, Squirro has controlled processes to ensure that any Squirro employee needs the Chief Information Security Officer’s approval before accessing Squirro’s services when, for instance, debugging. In addition, Squirro does not use any customer data for any analytics purposes without explicit permission or a request from the customer.

Where is my data stored?

SquirroGPT offers different options for data storage. Please contact one of our experts on our Contact page for a detailed overview tailored to your needs.

Which cloud provider does SquirroGPT use?

SquirroGPT is currently available across all regions of Hetzner Cloud. If you are interested in hosting your application on AWS, Microsoft Azure, or any other cloud vendor, please contact us