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Terms & Conditions


Please read these Terms of Service carefully. Unfortunately, we are compelled to request you for legal reasons to leave our Website (hereinafter “Website”) if you cannot observe these rules. Your (hereinafter “User”) use of this Website or of any content presented in any and all areas of the Website indicates your acknowledgment and agreement to these terms of service.*

Intellectual Property

Except for references expressly to the contrary, all data, works, inventions, designs, concepts, ideas and other elements of this Website (hereinafter called “Intellectual Property”) belong exclusively to Squirro AG, Zurich, Switzerland (hereinafter called “the Service Provider”).

Any use of the Intellectual Property including for personal purposes, is prohibited. The only exception is personal, non-commercial viewing of the Website by means of commercially available and non-modified browser software or applications and software provided by the Service Provider, as well as the preparation of a single print on paper solely for personal use. In case of infringement the Service Provider is entitled to judicial enforcement and restitution of the legal status in addition to any claim for compensation.

You grant to the Service Provider free of charge a non-exclusive, worldwide, and irrevocable right for commercial use and utilisation in an anonymous form of the data submitted by you to the Service Provider in the context of this Website.

No Guarantee for Contents

All contents of the Website are supplied without guarantee.

No Confidentiality

Communication over the Website which are accessible by the public at large (for example, with a web form) is made unencrypted over the Internet and may be read with simple technical means by third persons, and are clearly related not only to the sender but also to the recipient. The same applies to the delivery of an Email to the Service Provider. It is therefore strongly inadvisable to communicate confidential information to the Service Provider or to third parties over the Website or by Email.

No Guarantee for Availability

Availability of the Website or of certain parts thereof is at no time guaranteed. The Service Provider may limit the availability of the Website at any time for particular or unlimited periods and/or alter or remove the contents and functionality.

No Liability

All liability of the Service Provider arising in connection with use of the Website or connected with offers made by third parties via links with the Website is excluded.

The User is liable for all data transmitted by him or her to the Website and indemnifies the Service Provider against any and all claims of third parties arising from violations of rights in relation to data submitted by the User.

Third-Party Providers

The Service Provider may grant to third-party providers the opportunity to advertise their products and services on the Website. Any contact between the User and such third-party providers and possible business and contractual relationships with the latter are solely the Customer’s responsibility.

Squirro's External Asset List

We use various third-party services in our product/on our website. Below we explain in detail what services these are, what we use them for and what data is collected.

External Services: Please go to 2024 Squirro Asset List for a constantly updated list.

If the GDPR is applicable, the basis for data processing is Article 6 Paragraph 1 lit a GDPR or Article 6 Paragraph 1 lit b GDPR or Article 6 Paragraph 1 lit f GDPR.

Applicable Law

In as far as a contractual relationship should arise at all between you and the Service Provider, it shall be governed solely by the substantive laws of Switzerland. Exclusive Place of Jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland.


The Service Provider shall reserve the right to modify these terms of service at any time without indicating any reasons.

Current version: version 1.0, June 2012.


Questions regarding these Terms of Service should be directed to the Service Provider by email ( or by mailing Squirro AG, Mühlebachstrasse, 70. 8008, Zürich

Squirro is a registered trademark of Squirro AG.