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Get to know the valued partners who join forces with us,
shaping the future through shared expertise and dedication.

Partner Network

Service Partners

At the heart of our success are our Service Partners, who bring invaluable industry knowledge to enhance our joint projects. Collaborating closely, they use their deep understanding of the Squirro platform to craft and implement solutions tailored to the client's requirements.

Technology Partners

Technology partners and Squirro collaborate to create joint solutions and integrations. Our technology partners have the flexibility to build applications using the Squirro platform independently or in collaboration. By leveraging technological synergies, we offer a stronger value proposition to our customers. Together, we deliver expanded services that drive greater value, competitive differentiation, and increased revenue.

Squirro’s Partner Program

At Squirro, we recognized the need for a unique approach to working with data - a more purposeful one. The collaboration between Squirro and its partners offers valuable insights into best practices, expedites implementations, and provides diverse strategies to support your digital transformation. Our partners leverage Squirro’s expertise and solutions, enlarging their own range of products and services through synergetic cooperation. 

Join a Strong Partnership to Serve Common Goals

Increase market share and brand awareness
Develop a strong channel ecosystem
Build trusted long-term relationships
Sustain a healthy margins environment
Recognize and reward the contributions
Encourage and secure the Partners' investment
Leverage the Partners' expertise and knowledge

Partner Testimonials


"The Semantic Web Company is committed to making its PoolParty platform available to other highly motivated and ambitious companies. The partnership with Squirro represents a significant step forward and now makes it possible to offer first-class composite AI solutions."

Andreas Blumauer CEO and Co-founder of the Semantic Web Company

"Through this strategic partnership with Squirro, our Enterprise File Security platform, EasiShare, will be enhanced with semantic in-document search and generative AI options, empowering customers with even more accurate information retrieval."

Sharon Teo CEO of Inspire-Tech, the parent company of EasiShare

"FPT Software is delighted to have Squirro as a partner. Squirro's visionary Insight Engine and its Augmented Intelligence solutions allow our end-customers to quickly valorize their information and find relevant insights from all available data sources."

Frank Bignone Global Digital Transformation Director of FPT Software

"FinTech Studios is excited to partner with Squirro to deliver a best-in-class enterprise solution to leveraging Squirro's generative AI enterprise solutions combined with FinTech Studios generative AI market intelligence and regulatory intelligence data and analytics from millions of public sources in 49 languages."

Jim Tousignant Founder and CEO of FinTech Studios