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Read Markets and Uncover Profitable Insights

Use the power of generative AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics to elevate your sales strategy.

Customers Trusting Squirro

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Solving Sales Management Challenges

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Gain a Comprehensive Market Overview

In today's fiercely competitive marketplace, organizations need to differentiate themselves and seize opportunities to outperform the competition.

Squirro provides a unified 360° view of your data in real-time and within its context, enabling a superior understanding of markets, competitors, and customer behaviors.

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Access the Information You Need Quickly

CRM systems, intranets, and online repositories have specific functions but often lack integration, causing inefficient business processes and double work. 

Squirro's Sales Management solution offers a unified access point to effortlessly retrieve the information you need by connecting data siloes.

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Identify New Opportunities And Manage Risks.

Optimizing sales processes for enhanced efficiency, transparency, and high productivity is challenging.

Squirro’s sales management solution offers interactive and intuitive dashboards to visualize customers, leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities.

Why People Love Squirro

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Gartner® Peer Insights™

“What we like most about the product is the overall design of the dashboard and user-interfacing ability.”

Industry: Manufacturing Firm
Company Size: $10 - $30B

Group 15046

Gartner® Peer Insights™


“Squirro helps us stay ahead in the market and increase efficiency!”

Industry: Media Industry
Company Size: $10 - $30B

What Squirro Offers

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Get Unified Access to All Data Sources

Achieve fast and efficient access to your relevant sales-related documents and external and premium market data seamlessly integrated into your CRM system.

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Use Retrieval-Augmented Generative AI

Discover valuable customer insights, summarize lengthy documents, and process RFIs/RFPs quickly and efficiently.

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Achieve Your Sales Targets

Leverage real-time visibility into sales performance and advanced analytics to identify sales trends and opportunities with advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.

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Gain a Competitive Edge 

Leverage awareness of your competitor's strengths and weaknesses to automatically identify opportunities and risks based on external data.


Boost sales effectiveness and efficiency, achieve your sales targets, and reduce  operational costs with:
Superior Customer Insights
Understanding customer behavior for improved decision-making.
Intimate Knowledge of Your Markets
To drive focused strategies and outcomes.
+3% Increase in Net New Revenue
Create innovative tactics to strengthen financial performance.
Reduced Customer Churn
Enhancing client retention through proactive engagement.
+15% Increase in Customer Satisfaction
Elevate satisfaction and cultivate brand loyalty.
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The Platform That Powers it All

SquirroGPT is made possible through Squirro’s Insights Cloud platform. The platform contains all relevant building blocks for Squirro's use-case-specific and bespoke solutions:

Insight Engine

Squirro's Insight Engine combines AI technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and knowledge graphs to extract valuable insights from large and diverse datasets quickly and efficiently.

Semantic Enterprise Search

Squirro's enterprise search solution comprehends and interprets user queries, delivering precise and relevant results based on actual data. It continuously refines its accuracy and relevance through ongoing learning and adaptation.

Data Classification

Squirro’s AI Studio is a no-code machine learning (ML) platform for creating and deploying ML models without writing code. Squirro’s Model-as-a-Service offers an end-to-end solution for deploying and maintaining your ML models in a production environment.