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Squirro and FPT Software Cement APAC Partnership

Strategic partners will also present together on insights engines and their impact on digital transformation at Singapore Chief Data Analytics Officer 2022

Singapore, July 22, 2022. Augmented intelligence solutions provider Squirro and its APAC partner FPT Software have announced plans for a dedicated center of expertise in Vietnam, providing customers with best-in-class services and a one-stop shop for the adoption of Squirro solutions.

The companies’ partnership combines Squirro's visionary Insight Engine and augmented intelligence-based solutions with FPT's world-class implementation expertise. It ensures customers can fully leverage their data, extracting actionable insight to make better-informed decisions and drive business growth.

The partners will team up at the Chief Data Analytics Officer (CDAO) Singapore event on July 26th and 27th. Squirro and FPT will present in a joint slot ‘Insight Engines as a key success factor in large-scale digital transformation projects.'

At CDAO, Mr. Duy Huynh, Digital Transformation Global Lead, FPT, and Dr. Moritz Müller, General Manager Asia, Squirro, will advise organizations on the capabilities required to implement large-scale digital transformation successfully. They will also explain how an insight engine can manage growing amounts of unstructured and siloed data and extract actionable insight.

“Our partnership is about helping organizations turn data into actionable insights, and FPT's new center of expertise will make that even more achievable," said Dr. Moritz Müller, General Manager Asia, Squirro. "Most organizations use only a fraction of the data available to them, as it is often unstructured or siloed. At CDAO, we'll explore how organizations can unlock the insight within that data and use insight engines to drive digital transformation.”

Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO) Singapore gathers the region's leading data and analytics executives to share their insights on developing the infrastructure, ecosystem, buy-in, culture, and strategies to effectively harness data and AI as a strategic asset.

Dr. Moritz Müller will focus on Squirro’s Insight Engine technology – a scalable platform that connects, unsilos, indexes, and enriches any data, turning unstructured data into meaningful and actionable insights. He'll explain its application in terms of Cognitive Search, and other insights use cases, such as Service Insights.

Squirro’s Cognitive Search is the latest enterprise search solution that works with all of an organization’s data. It understands a user’s search intent and provides accurate and contextual results to reduce search time by up to 90%.

Squirro’s Service Insights also collates data from multiple sources and analyzes it to provide analytics and automation to improve company service levels. It helps to reduce mean time to resolution by up to 30% and enables the reduction of support costs by up to 15%.

Mr. Duy Huynh has extensive experience in digital transformation, operations research, development, the implementation of information systems, and R&D. In his presentation, Duy will address the common pitfalls in data projects and suggest a roadmap for sustainable data transformation. Duy will also propose a method of leveraging data with little upfront investment, using Insights on Demand, FPT Software’s lean and agile service.

Steven Grinberg
Post By Steven Grinberg July 21, 2022

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