No Code – Low Code AI: The Necessity to Acknowledge the Fuss and Why

April 28, 2021

As the desire and ever-evolving need to enhance business models with emerging technologies blossoms, developer and technical skill shortages loom. A befitting emancipation from this restraint is being provided by No Code and Low Code AI solutions.

Skill Gaps

Over the past few years, we have witnessed the effects of the desire and necessity for businesses to be able to support new models or offerings and react to the ripples of implementing emerging technologies. Many companies have been ushered into recognizing the technical skills gap in their workforce and the strategic actions that should be taken to close those gaps. The towering challenges around application delivery outline an example of this, that both IT and analytic data leaders face. McKinsey and Company (2020) confirm that the greatest need to address skill gaps exists in data analytics and IT management. A growing shortage of solutions engineers and developers and a variety of skill-related hurdles are having a prominent impact on the team’s ability to deliver various types of automation in a speedy and responsible manner.

The Solution

No Code and Low Code AI solutions provide befitting emancipation from this restraint. They help relieve the skilling thorn in data and IT teams’ sides and ease the pressures that data and IT teams are being put under. These solutions improve the speed at which solutions can be delivered, providing broader capabilities that require considerably smaller teams and less focus on solutions engineers and developers. With Gartner (2020) predicting that, “by 2023, over 50% of medium to large enterprises will have adopted a Low Code Application Platform (LCAP) as one of their strategic application platforms”.

The Squirro No Code AI Interface

Squirro strengthens this identified skill gap with its own No Code AI solution. The Squirro AI Studio is the latest no code solution that has been added to Squirro’s product offering. It provides business analysts, data analysts, and data scientists with the opportunity to rapidly develop their own machine learning models without writing code or requiring a coding skillset. The No Code AI solution is an accessible interface that walks end users through a structured AI model building process of five easy steps. And, if that was not making it easy enough, the Squirro Academy offers a practical and interactive course on how to use the solution to change business models.

The Squirro Academy: No Code AI Model Creator course.


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