Augmented Intelligence

The key to unlock all your data's value
and scale the talent of your team

Augmented Intelligence

Enhance Decision Intelligence

At Squirro we believe in a human-centered partnership model of people and artificial intelligence (AI) working together to enhance cognitive performance. We call this Augmented Intelligence. Our approach focuses on AI's assistive role, providing a smart assistant like experience for the B2B world, emphasizing the fact that cognitive technology is designed to enhance human intelligence rather than replace it.

Enhance Decision Intelligence today with Augmented Intelligence!

Why Should you do more with your data Assets

Because data-driven companies are

more likely to generate
above-average turnover growth
Source: McKinsey

more likely to gain
customer loyalty
Source: McKinsey

more likely to increase
customer profitability
Source: McKinsey


Activate your data

Companies have more data available to them than ever before. Yet, 67% of businesses are still not comfortable accessing or using data. 63% are aware of the importance of analytics but don’t have the needed infrastructure, are still working within silos, and struggle to gain insights from their unstructured data. Additionally, companies invest more than $30 billion USD per year on data. An investment that is completely underleveraged.

Gaining relevant insights and accessing valuable information is a cumbersome and time consuming process, leaving many employees unsatisfied. As The Economist stated, companies only use 1% of their data. Are you ready to activate the untapped 99%?


Focus on measurable business value and not technology

Today’s enterprise amasses a wealth of data, yet much of our most valuable information is siloed or left forgotten in unusable forms. The approach to break up this data silos and extract value from this wealth of data has always been to tech focused. From data warehousing solutions to big data or most of today’s AI Solutions still are built for data analysts, data scientist or IT wizards, leading to over 70% of the companies not having achieved tangible business benefits.

Meanwhile, data scientists and analysts struggle to feed reports through to those in their organization who need them most, and these bottlenecks consistently prevent the right data from reaching the right people.

Squirro’s Augmented Intelligence Solutions solve this problem by gathering and managing all this data and place it in the hands of the business users who need it in a tangible and actionable way, without requiring expert skills.


Digital Assistants and the rise of AI

Companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple have done a wonderful job in the consumer space, making Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence part of our lives through smart assistants. The wide adoption and acceptance of these devices is directly linked to their ease of use. The interaction is natural and doesn’t require expert skills.

At Squirro we aim to provide the same experience and value for the corporate world through Augmented Intelligence Solutions.

Combining the computing power of AI with the imagination, intuition and intelligence of humans, Augmented Intelligence allows each to do what they do best, finding the perfect working balance of technological might and human talent.


Augmented Intelligence

Squirro provides the right insights and recommendations at the right moment in the context of your work – automatically. Our Augmented Intelligence solutions are smart assistants for the B2B world. They combine the power of AI with the imagination, intuition and intelligence of humans. Our solutions provide a natural user-interaction that doesn’t require expert skills.

There is a clear view of leading analysts firms on how augmented will provide the greatest benefits, as a result of the AI evolution, and will be key to scale the work and the talent of people, being a top AI contribution to the growth of business and innovation.


Augmented Intelligence Solutions

Augmented Intelligence Solutions are pre-packaged solutions that solve specific business challenges.

They come with pre-built connectors, pre-trained ML and AI models and pre-defined visualizations and integrations to enable the fastest ROI!

With our solutions, you can finally unlock the power of AI for your businesses. Our Focus is to enhance Sales, Service, Marketing , Risk , Operations and IT with vertical specific solutions.

Check this snapshot of our Augmented Banking solution.
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Impact of Augmented Intelligence


  • Lead Generation
  • 360° Client Dashboard
  • Data Insights
  • Solution Framework
  • Next best action recommendation


  • Improve profitability and efficiency
  • Increase revenue and uncover hidden deals
  • Strengthen client relationship
  • Get quicker client and market insights
  • Reduce time to analyze data


  • 6-month early notice on potential deals
  • > 50 deals uncovered in first 30 days
  • > 95% accuracy of Models
  • Improved ROI on premium data
  • Increased adoption rate of CRM system

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