Opportunities Through Data Activation and Monetization

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Accessing and Developing the Hidden Value Available in Your Data

With data continuing to accumulate across the enterprise, new opportunities become available. In fact, many organizations are finding that their data has incredible value. But most companies struggle to extract that value from their data. And, as time goes by, that value can be lost.

There are several ways in which data can be used to produce valuable outputs and they can generally be split into two categories. The first is for the purpose of supporting existing business needs. This can include, for example, research for meeting preparations, provision of better customer support, and churn reduction among other things.

The other category is related to using the data to generate new products and services. By commingling the various data and processing it to obtain a unique offer, companies can create new and innovative revenue streams.

Watch this webinar to learn how your organization can get more out of its data in order to maximize business output and generate new opportunities. You’ll hear about the new product, Safefood.ai, that was built for the global food and equipment manufacturing company, Bühler Group. Safefood.ai uses Bühler’s existing data to produce a leading food safety tracking and alerting application. This and much more!


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