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Knowledge Management Reborn

Knowledge Management Reborn

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The Knowledge Management Reborn Modern KM conference, happening on September 21st & 22nd, 2022 (Online), 10:15 AM to 17:20 PM (APAC time zone), is the perfect platform to find out what is happening in the KM marketplace. These two days are a mixture of thought-leading presentations and a few in-depth workshop presentations and hands-on solution demos.

This conference is valuable for executives and IT professionals wanting to understand, structure and exploit their enterprise's knowledge – to improve efficiency, better understand data, and help sales teams identify new and commercial opportunities with data.

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Dr. Bernd Schopp, Chief Commercial Officer at Squirro, and Chris Marino, Principal Solution Consultant at Enterprise Knowledge, will outline in their presentation the role of Augmented Intelligence in enhancing cognitive performance and making knowledge management understandable and actionable.

Join their online interactive talk to learn more about how combining different AI technologies, such as machine learning, NLP, and knowledge graphs, improve Augmented Intelligence and connect knowledge management outcomes with business outcomes.

Bernd Schopp will also participate in the panel session about “Knowledge Management in the hybrid work environment”, sharing the stage with the following speakers:

  • Balaji Iyer, Director, Knowledge Management, Grant Thornton Llp, India
  • Sarah Jacobson, Director – Knowledge Management, Minterellison, Australia
  • Zach Wahl, Founder and CEO, Enterprise Knowledge (EK)
  • Kirsimarja Blomqvist, Professor Of Knowledge Management, School Of Business And Management At Lut University, Finland

KM APAC Dr Bernd Schopp and Chris Marino

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