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Prevent product recalls and reputational damage by tracking and qualifying food risks.

For any organization involved in the food and feed value chain, food safety is of the highest importance. Yet with such a complex and interconnected supply chain, a small local contamination could have safety repercussions all over the world.

How can organizations involved in the food industry, whether that’s distribution, supply, manufacturer, retail, procurement, production or other, understand what risks might impact their business?

The answer lies with Safefood.ai. Based on Squirro’s Augmented Intelligence platform. Safefood.ai monitors thousands of data sources around the world to provide an accurate and real-time insights in food risks. It can be customized according to user requirements and is presented in an easy-to-use format, meaning smarter and more informed decisions relating to food risks, manufacturing and food supply chains.

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Here are just some of the ways in which it can help:


Reduces and quantifies food risk incidents

There are so many factors and incidents that can have an effect on food safety, that monitoring them all is a near-impossible challenge. Most of the relevant information and data found on websites, media, social media updates, food authority updates – is unstructured and much harder to manage and analyze. Safefood.ai collates all this data and presents it back to the user in the format of their own choosing, helping them remain aware of any trends and risks to their business. It is the world’s most comprehensive and accurate food safety portal, allowing to reduce and quantify the food risk incidents.


Advance warning of incidents to protect your business

The nature of food risk incidents means they can spread along the supply chain extremely quickly. For anyone involved in food safety therefore, it is vital to have real-time information as to the latest incidents, so they can take action to minimize the damage. Safefood.ai scans the latest product recall news, alerts and warnings from international and national food authorities, web pages and social media news, to ensure users have the very latest real-time information. This enables them to make informed decisions as to the most effective preventive measures to minimize product recalls and reputational damage.


Customizable and easy-to-use food risk dashboard

Safefood.ai monitors thousands of food safety data sources and includes a wide spectrum of food categories, ranging from fresh food to beverages, from confectionary to animal feed, and all points in between. It can also filter by different geographies and by different types of risk, including biological, chemical and physical hazards as well as food fraud events. This information is presented in a customizable dashboard, providing users with a personalized and accurate 360-degree of all relevant food safety incidents.


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Monitors thousands of data sources relating to food safety and risk

Analysis of any news, event or incident that could affect food safety

Easy to understand and customizable dashboard collating food risk incidents

Real-time notifications when food risk incidents occur


Provides a deep understanding of food safety all along the value chain

Quantifies and lowers the risk of food safety incidents

Enables more informed decisions relating to food safety, manufacturing and supply

Can help prevent product recalls and reputational damage

Safefood.ai is a trusted and comprehensive source of food safety news designed to help lower the risk of food safety incidents along the food and feed value chains.

By scanning the latest product recall news, alerts and warnings from international and national food authorities, web pages and social media news, safefood.ai helps you stay aware of trends and risks before they can affect your business.

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