for Insurance

Enhance the talent of your teams in
commercial insurance, reinsurance
and underwriting

for Insurance

Let Augmented Intelligence streamline your processes
and enhance your human potential

Insurance is a data-rich business with enormous opportunities for Augmented Intelligence driven efficiencies. Across Squirro’s three A.I.-driven insurance solutions, we provide technology to radically streamline the work of commercial insurers, reinsurance firms and commercial underwriters. All in the vision to enhance the skills of your workforce and saving you vast amounts of manual and repetitive labour so your employees can focus on more value-add activities.

The Squirro Commercial Insurance solution harnesses the vast amounts of data at the disposal of commercial insurers’ to create unsurpassed client insight and opportunity prospecting.

The Squirro Reinsurance solution makes light work of incoming submissions and liberates reinsurers from the manual and repetitive aspects of lead-generation processes that are traditionally heavily reliant on brokers, allowing them to weigh risks in minutes.

The Squirro Commercial Underwriting solution optimizes the underwriting process by turning submissions around in a fraction of the current time. It also offers insights on covered perils, estimated premium and profitability, underwriting effort and cross-sell opportunities.


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