Why Squirro

We unlock the power of AI
for business users
and data analysts

Why Squirro

Apply the power of Augmented Intelligence to enhance decision intelligence

Why would you compromise when selecting a solution to unlock the power of your data? Why choose between a platform and an application? With Squirro you don't!

Our Squirro Insights Engine augments search technology with Artificial Intelligence to tackle any challenge related to data gathering, analytics, search and data visualization.

The Squirro Data Science Studio supports all stages of the machine learning cycle, giving users the ability to work easily with the models that they want through a simple and intuitive user interface and toolset.

Our Augmented Intelligence Solutions combine the power of our Insights Engine and Data Science studio to provide vertical specific solutions for Sales, Marketing, Service, Risk, Operations and IT, providing a smart assistant like experience for the B2B world.


Activate your data​

Companies have more data available to them than ever before. Yet, 67% of businesses are still not comfortable accessing or using data. 63% are aware of the importance of analytics but don’t have the needed infrastructure, are still working within silos, and struggle to gain insights from their unstructured data. Additionally, companies invest more than $30 billion USD per year on data. An investment that is completely underleveraged.

Gaining relevant insights and accessing valuable information is a cumbersome and time consuming process, leaving many employees unsatisfied. As The Economist stated, companies only use 1% of their data. Are you ready to activate the untapped 99%?


The Squirro Insights Engine​

Decisions and actions on a business environment require insight, an accurate and deep understanding of all the key factors. Information becomes essential to attain insight, and insight engines are key to describe, discover, organize and analyze all the available data.

The Squirro Insights Engine augments search technology with Artificial Intelligence to deliver insights. It gathers data from all internal, external, and premium data sources, it understands the data by applying AI and ML models and it empowers the user with recommendations and next best actions, delivered at the timely business moment through an user-friendly and intuitive dashboard.


Data Science Studio

Squirro’s Data Science Studio allows you to create your own machine learning models using your very own data.

The Data Science Studio supports the full machine learning cycle and it is structured in four easy steps:
- Craft training data
- Create a model
- Validate your work
- Deploy

Data Science Studio is accessible to business users, not just data scientists, speeds up the ML-model creation by 80%, delivers deep insight at speed and scale, and saves money with less need for data scientists. In addition, it works with an organization’s own training data and, finally, users have the ability to train their own models


Augmented Intelligence

Squirro provides the right insights and recommendations at the right moment in the context of your work – automatically. Our Augmented Intelligence solutions are smart assistants for the B2B world. They combine the power of AI with the imagination, intuition and intelligence of humans. Our solutions provide a natural user-interaction that doesn’t require expert skills.

Squirro’s Augmented Intelligence Solutions are pre-packaged applications that solve specific business challenges. They come with pre-built connectors, pre-trained ML and AI models and pre-defined visualizations and integrations to enable the fastest ROI.

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Augmented Intelligence solutions for all departments


Augmented Intelligence solutions, Data Science Studio & Insights Engine

Turn unused data into actionable insights with Squirro’s Augmented Intelligence solutions

Create and train your own machine learning models with Squirro Data Science Studio.

A powerful platform empowering data analysts and data scientists. That’s the Squirro Insights Engine.


Data Driven Companies

Squirro’s Augmented Intelligence solutions are used by companies all over the world to get more value from their data

"Squirro’s team understands all layers of the technology stack and they are happy to do everything from standard software development to high-end advanced analytics models." Read more

- Digital Officer


"Squirro’s applications provide insight into unstructured email content and this allows me to truly understand the conversation between the business and our customers." Read More

- Data and Analytics


"Through the time we have been engaged with Squirro we have maintained a very good working relationship. Squirro's team often go the extra mile to support our features." Read more

- Director Head Of DWH And Archived Data