Optimizing the Commercial Insurance Customer Lifecycle

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Achieving a complete understanding of the customers’ needs across every touchpoint

An optimized customer lifecycle is the holy grail of commercial insurance. But holy grails come with challenges:

  1. Finding new opportunities has become a costly and highly fragmented operation.
  2. As customer needs consistently grow in terms of complexity, it becomes clear that a strong customer experience strategy is paramount to success.
  3. Functioning and profiting within a disruptive landscape, which often makes switching providers a tempting endeavor for customers, is becoming more and more difficult.

Yet, with all of these challenges, there is an opportunity to get past them. This opportunity can be realized through the empowerment of people with key technology applied to the right data.

Prospects, customers, and various organizations, environments, and individuals associated with them have a wealth of information about them available. In addition to the information your organization already has, you have an incredibly wide span of supporting information across other sources. So much of this information can be used to delight the customer along every touchpoint, but most of it is missed.

With Augmented Intelligence, human intelligence is combined with powerful artificial intelligence, allowing all of the data to be utilized when making important business decisions.

Watch this webinar to learn how your organization can improve customer services, be better secured against disruption, and maximize growth and profitability across the value chain.

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